Why Do Tennis Players Need Coordination? (Find Out Now)

Timing is one of the most important things in tennis. Your coordination must be good for good timing, especially your hand-eye coordination.

Coordination is an important part of tennis because it ensures that you are in the right place to hit the ball correctly. Good hand-eye coordination ensures that your timing when hitting the ball with your racket is exactly right. Without proper hand-eye coordination, tennis will be a lot harder.

In this article, you will learn all about coordination in tennis. How it is applied, why it is so important, and how you can train your coordination.

Why is Coordination Needed in Tennis?

Coordination refers to the organization of different body parts and movements in order to make them all work together in an efficient way.

Coordination is very important in our everyday lives because we would not be able to do a lot without proper coordination.

Whenever we hear someone call our name, for example, we look up. When we see someone drop something, we try to catch it.

Without coordination, life would be much more difficult. We would simply not react to people calling us or miss the object we are trying to catch by more than a few inches.

Coordination is used for small tasks, such as putting a tea bag into a cup, and for bigger tasks, such as playing sports.

In tennis, coordination is important as well. If you’re on the court, playing a match, there are several things you have to do at once.

You have to watch your opponent hit the ball, so you can make an estimation of where it lands. You need to run towards the ball and get into position whilst bringing your racket back so you can swing it.

In the meantime, you need to watch the ball to be able to hit it, and you need to swing your racket in the proper way, depending on the kind of shot you are going for.

This constantly happens during tennis in preparation for hitting a ball back. Due to coordination, all of these actions are in harmony.

How is Coordination Used in Tennis?

There are different kinds of coordination.

The most important form of coordination in tennis is hand-eye coordination. This is mainly used when you want to hit a ball, which happens a lot in tennis.

Good hand-eye coordination helps you get into the right position and hit the ball optimally.

You need to keep your eyes on the ball to see where it bounces and then swing your racket at the right place in order to hit the ball.

You don’t want to stand too close to the ball because then you can’t swing your racket properly.

You also don’t want to stand too far away from the ball because then you might not even be able to hit the ball.

Hand-eye coordination is important for every single ball you hit, but there are some shots where it is extra important.

For example, when a player wants to serve, proper hand-eye coordination is crucial.

If you want a good serve, it is important to hit the ball far enough above you and throw the ball a little bit in front of you so you can fall into the shot.

This means you have to really look at the ball so you won’t miss it or hit it too low. You can’t simply keep standing still; you have to move along with how you threw the ball.

Another shot in which hand-eye coordination is important is the volley. In order to hit a volley, you have to react quickly to the ball.

This means you have a split second to see the ball and react properly.

Even simply deciding whether you are going to hit a volley or let it go for your doubles partner requires coordination.

In tennis, you are constantly observing, adjusting your position accordingly, and then you can make your action.

This whole process requires perfect coordination from a player.

Does Tennis Increase Hand-Eye Coordination?

Practice makes perfect. This means that playing tennis does improve hand-eye coordination, as it is something that gets used a lot.

These improvements in hand-eye coordination are not specific to tennis, though.

There are plenty of sports that help you develop your hand-eye coordination.

Even though tennis is one of the sports where hand-eye coordination is most important, sports like baseball, handball, and pickleball also require good hand-eye coordination.

However, if your goal is mainly to get better hand-eye coordination, tennis is not the first thing you should turn to.

How Can I Improve my Tennis Coordination?

Because hand-eye coordination is so important for many different activities, there are plenty of ways to practice and improve your coordination.

Juggling, for example, is a good activity for improving hand-eye coordination.

You have to keep looking at the balls you are juggling; otherwise, you won’t be able to catch them.

If you throw a ball a bit too much to the left or the right, you have to adjust your movements, and that’s how you practice your hand-eye coordination.

Juggling is not very easy, though, so this activity might not be ideal for everyone. Luckily there are some more exercises you could do.

1. Play catch:

A fairly easy exercise that you can do almost anywhere is playing catch. You can do this together with a friend, or you can throw a ball against a wall and catch it.

Ideally, you catch the ball with just one hand a couple of times and then switch hands.

Just like with juggling, you have to focus on watching the ball and then making movements with your arm and getting in position to catch the ball.

2. Video games:

Some video games can be pretty beneficial for your hand-eye coordination.

Especially action-filled games like Call of Duty might help you improve your hand-eye coordination because they require you to be alert and watch the screen while reacting at the right time.

Your eyes and hands really have to work together in order to be successful at the game.

3. Coloring books:

Another activity that helps improve your hand-eye coordination is coloring. Adult coloring books are available at many stores, so it shouldn’t be hard to buy one.

The more detailed the pages are, the better.

You can visually see your hands and fingers react to what you see since you don’t want to draw outside the lines.


Hand-eye coordination is really important in tennis, but it’s also something we use in everyday life.

Almost everything we do requires coordination, from making tea to hitting an ace in tennis.

Without proper hand-eye coordination, you might miss a lot of balls and volleys, and serves will become especially difficult.

Luckily, there are many activities to practice your hand-eye coordination, including juggling and playing video games.

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January 21, 2022
Published: January 21, 2022