Why Do Tennis Players Live In Monaco? (Fully Explained)

Monaco, or Monte Carlo, is a tiny country located on the Mediterranean Sea. The country is best known for its Formula One race and its wealth. In addition, it is home to many celebrities, including tennis players. But why do tennis players live in Monaco?

Monaco is considered a tax haven. This makes it an appealing country for tennis players to live in. This is because they do not have to pay income and wealth tax in Monaco. That way, they retain much more of the money they earn from tournaments, sponsorships, or other partnerships.

In this article, I explain all the reasons why tennis players live in Monaco. You'll also find out why some players choose not to move here. And which tennis players actually live in Monaco? Find out the answer to this question and more in this article!

Why do Tennis Players Live in Monte Carlo?

Monaco is a small principality in the south of Europe. Next to Vatican city, it is the smallest country in the world.

It is the country many rich people call home, some of which are professional tennis players. In fact, a big part of the world’s top tennis players calls Monte Carlo, Monaco, their home.

There are several reasons why moving to Monaco proves to be a great decision for professional tennis players.

Tax haven:

The most important reason for professional tennis players to move to Monaco is that the country is a tax haven.

Even though they make a lot of money, tennis players also have a lot of expenses. They have to pay for all of their flights and hotels, for coaches and their flights and hotels, equipment, and so on.

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Besides, players usually already pay taxes over their prize money when they win a tournament and don’t want to pay taxes twice.

And with income taxes going as high as 30 percent, it can certainly make a difference whether you have to pay this or not.

But why is Monaco a tax haven for tennis players?

In Monaco, people don’t have to pay taxes on their incoming money.

When a tennis player wins the US Open, for example, they have to pay taxes over their prize money to the United States, but then they also have to pay taxes on their income in their home country.

This means they have to pay taxes on the same prize money twice.

Because Monaco does not require inhabitants to pay taxes on their income, tennis players can keep all of the money left after the tax of the USA in this example.

Besides that, there is no wealth tax either, meaning tennis players don’t have to worry about their net wealth.

They don’t have to pay any taxes over money they got from endorsements either, since this falls under the income taxes that don’t exist in Monaco.

Tennis paradise:

Another reason tennis players choose to live in Monaco is that the country loves tennis.

There are several good tennis facilities where players can practice to their heart’s content, and there is an important ATP tournament that takes place in Monte Carlo each year.

It is a clay tournament that many players use to prepare for the French Open.

Training outdoors:

The Mediterranean climate in Monaco is another pull factor for professional tennis players. Due to the nice weather, players can train outdoors throughout the whole year.

With 300 sunny days each year, players will rarely have to cancel a training session or move it indoors.

On average, winters in Monaco are warmer and shorter than winters in most other European countries.

Training outdoors can be more beneficial to players than playing indoors since most tennis tournaments also take place outside.

Monaco tennis courts

Escaping the fans:

As mentioned before, Monaco is not a very large country.

While it is densely populated, the total number of inhabitants lies just below 40,000 people. This is about 0.005 percent of the total world population.

Besides that, most people living there are rich people who don’t necessarily want a picture with their neighbors.

Therefore, Monaco can be a nice place where players are able to run errands without having to sign autographs every few minutes.

While tennis players obviously love their fans, it can be nice to get away from those hectic groups of fans every now and then.


Speaking of avoiding people that want something from you, Monaco is one of the safest countries in Europe.

They have many cops compared to the population. Since the population is mainly made up of wealthy people, there is a low chance of those locals being pickpockets.

A large CCTV system is also running in Monaco to keep things safe and allow authorities to handle things quickly when something major happens.

Geographical advantages:

Monaco has an excellent geographical location in Europe.

Traveling to tournaments is something that tennis players have to do quite often. Traveling costs money and time, so a central location can help reduce some of these costs.

There are many tournaments in Europe, including two of the four Grand Slams, so Monaco is a great location from which they can travel to European tournaments.

You might wonder if they even need to reduce their costs if they already make a lot of money. Still, the expenses of tennis players can be quite a lot, and saving money is always a good idea.

Gorgeous views and impressive buildings:

When you walk the streets in Monaco, you will never get tired of what there is to see. It is currently the second-richest country in the world, and that is something you can certainly see in the streets.

From impressive buildings to elaborate villas, you will most likely spot some amazing sports cars in the streets as well. Luxury is a given in this country.

Besides that, it also has a coastline which allows people to watch the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets with ocean views.

Therefore living in Monaco can certainly make you feel like you’ve made it big.

Why Don’t All Tennis Players Live in Monaco?

With so many great reasons for tennis players to move to Monaco, you might wonder why there are still some tennis players that don’t move there and end up earning way less money because of it.

Real estate in Monaco is expensive:

Monaco is a rich country with beautiful real estate. This means that houses are very expensive. Monaco is among the most expensive places in the world to buy a home.

Therefore not just anyone can move there.

Some tennis players might not have the money to buy a house there, as many also have houses in other countries. But the richest tennis players can all afford a house in Monaco.

French people do pay taxes:

Monaco is not a tax haven for every single tennis player.

Players with a French nationality still have to pay taxes, which is why players like Gaël Monfils and Benoît Paire won’t be moving to Monaco anytime soon.

Instead, they are living in Switzerland because that country has relatively low taxation on foreigners, making it a better option than staying in their home country moneywise.


Rafael Nadal is a great tennis player who still lives in his home country. Due to living in Mallorca, he loses about 50 percent of his income to taxes each year.

He doesn’t seem to be bothered by this, though, as he mentioned that his family lives in Mallorca, and he wants to be close to them.

In fact, he stated that he would rather lose 50 percent of his income than 50 percent of his happiness if he didn’t live close to his family.

Unfair to the country of origin:

Another big tennis player that does not live in Monaco is Roger Federer. He thinks it is unfair to his home country to avoid paying their taxes.

Federer cares a lot about Switzerland, which is why he has become an official ambassador of the country.

It would be weird for an ambassador of Switzerland to go live elsewhere.

Do The Tennis Players Actually Live in Monaco?

It depends on the player how much time they actually spend in Monaco.

For starters, tennis players are on tour a lot. They play tournaments all over the world, so they spend more time in hotel rooms than they spend in their own bedroom.

Therefore Monaco might not even feel like home since they are not around that often.

When tennis players do have some more time to relax, chances are they don’t spend that time in their residence in Monaco.

Many players prefer to spend this time with friends and family, meaning they are likely to go to the country they are originally from.

These two reasons make it evident that while the tennis players might own gorgeous real estate in a country that radiates luxury, they might just be living there because the country is a tax haven.

If you are not home a lot, it might not be that big of a deal where your house is. Financial reasons can then become much more important when choosing a country of residence.

Which Tennis Players Live in Monaco?

So now that we have discussed the advantages of living in Monaco and some players who don’t reside in the small tax haven, it is time to find out which tennis players are actually living there.

Most of these players are high-ranked and male, but there are some lower-ranked players and females part of this list as well.

Player:Country of birth:
Novak DjokovicSerbia
Stefanos TsisipasGreece
Daniil MedvedevRussia
Alexander ZverevGermany
Matteo BerrettiniItaly
David GoffinBelgium
Stan WawrinkaSwitzerland
Grigor DimitrovBulgaria
Felix Auger-AliassimeCanada
Miloš RaonicCanada
Petra KvitovaCzech Republic
Bernard TomicAustralia
Tomáš BerdychCzech Republic
Caroline WozniackiDenmark
Marin ČilićCroatia
Daniela HantuchováSlovakia
Elena DementievaRussia
Marat SafinRussia
Radek StepanekCzech Republic
Lucie ŠafářováCzech Republic
Alexandr DolgopolovUkraine
Goran IvaniševićCroatia
Ivan LjubičićBosnia and Herzegovina

As you can see, many players and former players live in Monaco, or at least have a house there and are registered there, so the country’s tax policy covers them.

What is striking about this list is that none of these players are originally from Monaco.

They have all moved to Monaco, each for its own reason, but the attractive tax environment is probably the most important in most cases.


So, in conclusion, many tennis players don’t spend much time in their Monaco residences. Instead, they are registered there to avoid paying wealth and income taxes.

However, the country has more to offer tennis players than just a favorable tax environment.

It has a good tennis climate, there are good training facilities, it is a safe country, it has its own ATP tournament, and the players can live there in reasonable anonymity.

While some players choose to stay in their home country due to family or patriotism, there are plenty of tennis players who currently call Monaco their home.

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