Which Tennis Players Have Private Jets? (Find Out Now)

As tennis players travel the world to participate in tournaments, some players have chosen to purchase a private jet. This makes traveling a lot easier and more comfortable. But which tennis players have private jets?

Some tennis players have their own private jet. These players are Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Sloane Stephens, and Angelique Kerber. In some cases, the player actually owns the plane. In other cases, it is a partnership between a player and a private jet company.

Of course, a private jet is only for the wealthiest among us. So most players simply travel on commercial flights to their tournaments around the world. Read on to learn more about these tennis players and their private jets!

Which Tennis Players Own a Private Jet?

When you’re a professional athlete, chances are you will need to travel a lot. Tennis is no exception to this.

With weekly tournaments taking place all over the world, tennis players better have some excellent travel insurance.

Now you may wonder, how do they travel to these tournaments?

You can’t always travel from country to country by car. Most of the traveling tennis players have to do, is done by plane.

To make things easier, several tennis players have bought their own private jet to make life on tour a little easier.

Private jets certainly are not cheap, though, so not every player can or wants to buy one.

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Does Federer have a private jet?

Roger Federer has had quite the career already, so he has spent several hours up in the air. Because of this, he has had a private jet for years.

He sees his jet as an essential item since he needs to travel around the world for work so often.

One week he might be playing a tournament in Europe, and the next week he could be flying to South America.

Federer owns a jet by the brand NetJets. Not only does he use their product, but he is also an official brand ambassador of NetJets.

The company and Roger Federer share the following three principles: perseverance, endless improvement, and creativity.

The player stated that NetJets made his life on the tour much easier.

Does Nadal have a private jet?

Rafael Nadal, just like the other tennis players mentioned on this list, has to travel a lot for work as well.

Successful tennis players that make it to the absolute top usually earn a lot of money, so buying a private jet could be considered in the line of expectations.

Nadal owns a private plane, namely a Cessna Citation CJ2+, worth 6.7 million dollars.

Even though he has this beautiful plane to travel around the world in, there is another form of transportation that Nadal likes. This is by boat.

To do so, he has bought his own yacht, an 80 Sunreef Power Catamaran, which is custom-made.

Does Djokovic have a private jet?

Novak Djokovic is no exception to the players mentioned before, and he owns a private jet as well.

Djokovic uses this plane for about 200 hours a year, mainly to travel to and from tennis tournaments.

His jet is of the same brand as Roger Federer’s private jet, namely NetJets.

NetJets is not unfamiliar with tennis players. Angelique Kerber and Sloane Stephens have private jets by NetJets as well.

However, owning a private jet does not keep Djokovic from taking commercial flights.

For the Australian Open in 2022 (in which he couldn’t participate), he took a commercial flight by Emirates.

Does Serena Williams have a private jet?

As one of the most successful women in modern tennis, Serena Williams travels the world a lot.

She has won quite some prize money in her career and has several sponsorships, so it is no surprise that she can easily afford a private jet.

She travels in her private jet by the company Wheel’s Up when she has to go to tennis tournaments in different countries, but she does not only use it for work.

The private jet was used for her honeymoon as well, and even daughter Alexis Olympia gets to travel on the plane with her parents.

Does Andy Murray have a private jet?

Andy Murray is the odd one out on this list. He does not own a private plane. However, he must travel to the tournaments in which he participates.

So how does he travel?

Andy Murray often takes commercial flights to get to his destinations. In some situations, he rents a private jet with another player going to the same tournament.

Another form of transportation that is not rare among tennis players is by train.

Trains are a relatively quick way of transportation, and it is better for the environment than planes.


Tennis players have to travel a lot for work. They might need to move continents several times a month, so they will often have to travel by plane.

Some of the top tennis players have bought a private jet to make things easier.

Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic are among the players with their own private jets.

Andy Murray is an example of a player who flies commercial planes instead.

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March 31, 2022
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