Where To Store Surfboard Wax? (Surf Expert Explains)

Surfboard wax is used by every surfer and is standard in everyone's surf bag. By handling your surf wax properly, you can use it for quite a long time. But where to store surfboard wax?

It is best to store surfboard wax near your other surfing gear. Cool and cold water surf wax is best kept in a slightly cooler place, especially in warmer climates. Warm and tropical surf wax can be stored anywhere if the air temperature is not excessively high. This keeps it from melting.

I recommend you read on to find out more about how best to store your surfboard wax! This will extend the life of your surf wax and prevent you from throwing it away.

How do You Store Surfboard Wax?

Surf wax is a surfer’s best friend, and that’s why you should take proper care of your wax to keep it in optimal conditions. One way to do this is by properly storing your surf wax.

But how exactly do you properly store surfboard wax?

To answer this question, storing surf wax isn’t exactly rocket science. Most surf wax types can be stored pretty much anywhere in most conditions.

Good places to store your surf wax are places close to your boards and other equipment so you can grab all your gear at once instead of having to spend precious surfing time looking for a random bar of wax lying around.

There are exceptions to this rule when it comes to extreme wax types and/or extreme conditions.

Cool and cold surf wax is best stored somewhere slightly cooled, especially in warmer climates.

This wax type is designed to be used in low water temperatures, meaning a high air temperature can quickly melt the wax. This will leave you with a molten ball of unusable wax. Once you cool it, the surf wax is reusable again.

Warm and tropical surf wax can be stored pretty much anywhere unless the air temperatures get excessively high, leading to similar issues as mentioned before.

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Do You Put Surf Wax in The Fridge?

Under normal circumstances, you would not put your surf wax in the fridge, as this is generally not necessary to keep it from melting.

However, if conditions become very hot, using the fridge to keep the wax cool and prevent melting may be a solution.

Using the fridge to make molten wax usable again is definitely a solid solution. So, if you keep your wax in the hot car for too long, don’t be afraid to use the fridge to cool it back down.

How do You Keep Surf Wax From Melting?

Melting surf wax is a surfer’s worst nightmare, both on the board and in storage. But what can you do to prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality?

First off, the obvious one, keep your wax away from direct sunlight, especially on hotter days. The wax melts much quicker in direct sunlight, even when the temperature might be the same somewhere else. Therefore it is wise to store your wax in the shade at all times.

If you are keeping your wax for long-term storage or have to revive wax that did melt, you can use the fridge to keep the wax from melting.

If the issue of melting wax persists, it might be a good idea to get a different type of wax that is more suitable for hotter environments, such as warm or tropical water surf wax!

Does Surf Wax Expire?

Yes, surf wax does have a shelf life, but how long depends heavily on how well you store it. Hence the reason there is no set expiration date mentioned on the packaging. 

Surf wax is made from many ingredients. Long exposure to sunlight and high temperatures may cause these ingredients to evaporate from the wax, leaving you with crumbly wax that doesn’t stick very well.

Storing your wax away from sunlight and extreme heat can make this problem as good as negligible, giving your wax a shelf life of several years.

The only way to test if you have expired surf wax is by applying it to your board.

It most likely is if it feels normal and the surfboard wax is sticky. When it feels crumbly and old, buying a new block of surf wax is advisable.


All in all, storing your wax in a cool environment away from direct sunlight can significantly lengthen the shelf life of your surf wax.

While you can store your wax pretty much anywhere without significant consequences, storing it in the before-mentioned conditions is best.

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August 16, 2022
Published: August 16, 2022