What Do Tennis Players Wear Under Their Skirt? (Find Out)

Many beginning tennis ladies wonder what to wear under their skirts. It should be comfortable and preferably also cover up enough in case your skirt lifts while you play.

Most tennis players wear spandex shorts under their tennis skirts. In most cases,tennis skirts have built-in spandex bottoms. These primarily provide the necessary coverage for the body and can additionally be used to hold balls. Wearing underwear underneath is a personal preference.

In this article, you will read about the advantages and disadvantages of wearing underwear under a tennis skirt, if there are any other options and whether there are special tennis thongs.

Do You Wear Underwear With Tennis Skirts?

Whether wearing underwear while exercising is a good idea has sparked a lot of debate. Some prefer to go without, while others swear by wearing underwear at all times.

Even health experts say contradicting things, so there doesn’t seem to be an entirely right or thoroughly wrong choice.

This means the choice of wearing underwear is up to each individual person.

A lot of women do wear underwear underneath their tennis skirts.

Women often wear some sort of spandex shorts to help with the balls and make sure everything that needs to be covered stays covered.

This means it is not necessary to wear actual panties. Still, most people feel more comfortable wearing underwear anyways, just like with normal clothing.

Underwear gives a sense of secureness, and it doesn’t really get in the way.

Besides secureness, an argument for wearing underwear while playing tennis is that bacteria and yeast love warm environments.

Between your legs is one of the warmest spots on your body. Combined with you working out and sweating, this creates a perfect environment for several infections.

Underwear provides an extra layer of fabric that can hold onto the sweat. This means the risk of infections is lower, and it might make you feel cleaner too.

A reason not to wear underwear could be this same sweat. It is not great for your skin to be in a secluded, warm space while you’re working out, and the underwear is an extra layer that can cause more sweat since it makes the area a little warmer.

You can also wear spandex shorts that sometimes are attached to tennis skirts.

These can be considered like underwear because it is something you wear underneath your skirt and cover you up.

However, you can also consider this part of the skirt and opt for a pair of panties underneath it.

The spandex shorts come in all sorts of sizes as well. Some are more like panties, while others are similar to cycling shorts.

Some argue that it is less comfortable to wear underwear under spandex, while others claim that the extra layer helps prevent infections. This means it is really up to you to decide what you wear.

Do You Wear Thongs Under a Tennis Skirt?

Whether you want to wear thongs under a tennis skirt or not is really up to you.

There are no rules about underwear, so you definitely should if you feel most comfortable wearing thongs underneath your tennis skirt.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you can stick with regular panties.

If you are not wearing spandex, you might want to keep in mind that short tennis skirts do fly up while playing, meaning your bottoms might be on display every now and then.

So make sure you are comfortable with your body being seen.

The difference between thongs and most other panties is the amount of fabric, so if you don’t wear spandex, you will be able to see more.

On the other hand, this also means that because of the little fabric, thongs can make everything less sweaty during the hot summer months or intense competitions and workouts.

So, is it okay to wear thongs under my tennis skirt?

You should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. If that’s thongs, then go for it! You could wear spandex shorts over your thong if you don’t want your bottoms to be on display, and wearing thongs might even help you be less sweaty when it’s hot outside or when you have a difficult match.

Do Tennis Skirts Have Built-In Shorts?

Not all tennis skirts have built-in shorts, but most of them do. Built-in shorts are convenient as they often match the color of the skirt. They help a player feel safe and secure, while it also helps with holding balls.

Some of these shorts have pockets for the balls, but most of the time, women stick the balls in the leg of their shorts, which are often made from spandex-like material.

The shorts are tight enough to keep the balls in place.

These built-in shorts come in different models. Usually, they will fit the color scheme of the skirt they are attached to in order to make them less noticeable. But they can also be a fun color to make it part of the outfit.

In tennis, it is common knowledge that these shorts will be seen during rallies and serves, so why not make them stand out a little?

You can also buy these shorts separately if your skirt doesn’t have one attached to it or if you want to wear one underneath a dress.

Is There Special Tennis Underwear?

As mentioned before, you can wear any type of underwear you like while playing tennis. It’s really up to your personal preferences, from no underwear at all to longer boxer shorts.

Cotton underwear and underwear with little fabric are better for breathability, but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear other underwear since more fabric might help prevent infections.

There is no special tennis underwear, but compression shorts are pretty popular since they are tight yet still stretchy enough to move in all ways necessary. Bike shorts can be suitable substitutes for this.

Sports underwear, however, can be beneficial in almost all sports. For example, tennis players might opt for a pair of core dry panties.

These panties are for the biggest part made of polyester and have great moisture transport.

They are breathable, lightweight, and come in different models. There are boxers, hipsters, thongs, and more.

You could also lookup Björn Borg. This is a retired tennis player that has his own brand that sells lots of breathable underwear.

Are there special tennis thongs for women?

There are no thongs explicitly made for female tennis players. If you want to wear a thong underneath your tennis skirt, you can pick any thong you might already have or that you want to buy. There are, however, some sports thongs that may be useful for tennis as well.


So whether or not women wear underwear underneath their tennis skirts really depends on the person.

Some women might not wear underwear but have on spandex, while others wear both or nothing at all.

You could wear your normal everyday panties or opt for bicycle shorts or other underwear made specifically for sporting and sweating.

Underwear might prevent infections due to the warm and sweaty environment being great for bacteria and yeast, but going commando might reduce the sweat.

Therefore you should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable!

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January 18, 2022
Published: January 18, 2022