What Are The Rules Of Laser Tag? (All Rules Explained)

There are some rules that everyone must follow for Laser Tag to be fair and safe. This blog will explain which ones they are and why the players should follow them.

Laser Tag Rules

Game rules:

  • Do not bully or call other players or opponents names
  • Do not block the sensors on your vest
  • Do not cover your laser beam with your hand
  • No crawling
  • Do not lie down on the ground
  • No physical contact between teammates and opponents
  • Do not touch or move obstacles
  • Follow any instructions from the game instructor
  • Do not bring electronic equipment

Safety rules:

  • Keep your distance
  • Hold your weapon with two hands at all times
  • Do not climb on the obstacles
  • Do not crawl
  • Do not lie down on the ground
  • Do not wear open shoes such as sandals or flip-flops
  • Do not bring food or drinks

Which rules are followed and which are not can differ from one laser tag arena to another.

You are now aware of all the different laser tag rules. If you want to learn more about these guidelines, keep reading. This blog will also explain who makes the rules and what happens when they are broken.

All Laser Tag Rules Explained

Below I will explain each Laser Tag rule in detail, so you know exactly what they mean.

Rules to make the game fair

I will start with rules that are there to keep the game fair so that everyone can play in a fun way.

Do not bully or call other players names:
One of the most important rules is that you do not call your fellow players names or bully them. After all, everyone should have a good time during Laser Tag.

Bullying and cursing are therefore forbidden.

Do not block the sensors on your vest:
By covering one of the sensors with your hand, the opponent is unable to see it clearly and is thus less likely to shoot. Therefore, this is considered cheating.

Do not cover your laser beam with your hand:
You use infrared rays rather than actual laser beams to shoot when playing Laser Tag. 

You can shoot and hit players while holding your hand in front of the gun barrel. But by doing so, your opponents do not see the red beam, and as a result, they are less likely to notice you.

This is considered cheating.

Follow any instructions of the game instructor:
The game instructor will indicate if someone does not follow the rules during the game or accidentally breaks a rule. The player in question must then follow the instructions provided.

No crawling:
Crawling is not permitted because it hides the sensors on the front of your vest. This can also cause potential damage to the gun when it hits the ground.

There is also a chance that people will fall over you because they cannot see you.

Do not lie down on the ground:
For the same reason that you are not allowed to crawl, you are also not allowed to lie down on the ground.

No physical contact between fellow players and opponents:
Physical contact between teammates and opponents is strictly prohibited. For example, pushing or pulling someone can lead to dangerous situations.

Do not touch or move obstacles:
A playing field has several different kinds of obstacles. These include tires, barrels, pallets, and other strong materials. You are not allowed to move or touch these.

It is common for someone to use them as a place to take cover.

Do not bring electronic devices:
This is a rule that does not apply to all Laser Tag centers.

It is not advised for safety reasons and to keep your devices from breaking. If you do decide to bring it along, you do so at your own risk.

Rules to keep the game safe

In order to play Laser Tag safely, everyone must follow the safety rules. Below I explain to you exactly what these rules mean.

Keeping enough distance:
Players should always try to keep enough distance. This will prevent you from running into someone.

Hold your weapon with two hands at all times:
When you hold the weapon with one hand, there is a chance that you will swing with it, for example, if you unexpectedly encounter someone and want to shoot at them.

If a fellow or opposing player is too close to you, you can accidentally hit them with the weapon.

Do not climb on obstacles:
If you climb on the obstacles, you run the risk of falling. The vest, pistol, and other items could also be damaged.

Do not crawl:
If you crawl, you are less likely to be noticed, and there is a chance someone will fall over you.

Do not lie on the ground:
You cannot lie on the ground for the same reason you cannot crawl.

Do not wear open shoes like sandals or slippers:
If you're wearing open shoes and another player or opponent gets too close, they might step on your toes. You could also bump into something with your toes.

This can result in serious injuries.

Food and drinks are not allowed while playing:
If you take food or drinks with you and spill it, it could cause someone to slip.

Who Makes The Rules of Laser Tag?

The owner of a Laser Tag center makes and sets his own rules. However, for the game to be fair and safe, many rules are the same at every Laser Tag center.

The owner of a laser tag center may make an exception. For example, you may be allowed to bring your phone to one arena but not to another.

How Are The Rules Enforced?

When you play indoors (often the case), the game instructor closely monitors everyone in the control room. He can monitor if the game is being played fairly and safely because cameras are installed all over the playing field.

When playing outside, cameras may be present, but there is also a chance that more than one gaming instructor will be there.

What Happens if Someone Does Not Follow The Rules?

When someone does not follow the rules, they will first receive a warning.

The player will hear the warning through an intercom if the game is being played indoors. When playing outside, the game instructor, often using a megaphone, will give a warning to the player in question.

If the player ignores the warning, they could be given a second warning or asked to leave the field.

If the player does not respond, the game instructor can choose to switch off the vest and gun remotely. In this way, the player can no longer participate in the game.

In this case, the game instructor also often chooses to delete his score.

Suppose the player in question has reserved multiple playing rounds. In that case, the game instructor may not allow him to participate again. 

What Are The Differences Between Indoors And Outdoors?

In general, the rules for indoor and outdoor play are the same. The difference is mainly in the enforcement of the rules.

Indoors, players are monitored by cameras. When playing outside, one or more game instructors may be on the field. They can then see if the players are following the game's rules and are safe.


You now understand all of the game and safety rules for Laser Tag. 

Always follow these rules when playing to keep things fun and safe for everyone. You can make your own rules when playing Laser Tag at home.

John Davis

The first time I was introduced to Laser Tag was at a friend's kids' party. I was immediately sold on the excitement and adrenaline the game gave me. This eventually led me to start my own Laser Tag center and play Laser Tag competitively. Through my articles, I hope to bring more attention to the sport.
August 2, 2022
Published: August 2, 2022