Is Power Needed In Tennis? (Tennis Coach Explains)

In tennis, it is important to master several shots. One shot must be hit with a lot of power, while another requires a lot of feeling. So it is important to be able to hit the ball in different ways. But, is power needed in tennis?

Power is of great importance in tennis. It enables players to hit powerful shots with high speed, to put pressure on their opponent, or to win a point. A player can generate a lot of power through proper body rotation, the right swing, stepping up to the ball, and a relaxed grip.

As mentioned, power is essential in modern tennis. In this article, you will find out how to put more power into your strokes or in what situations power can be useful.

Why do Tennis Players Need Power?

Power is something that any tennis player has, but the level of power a player adds to their shots can vary greatly.

On average, men can put more power into their shots than women. But the amount of power also depends on other factors.

Where your opponent hits the ball, your footwork, and the position and stance you choose can all influence the amount of power you add to a shot.

Good, powerful shots can be crucial in matches as they are usually quite hard to return.

Variation is another really important thing in tennis. When you are in a rally, you don’t want to give your opponent the same shots all the time.

Your opponent won’t have much trouble outplaying you if you become predictable. Variation in your shots can help lessen the predictability.

If you switch between shots with a lot of spin or power and shots having both, you are a much more difficult opponent to beat than when you use the same shot every time.

So, how important is power in tennis?

Without the ability to hit some powerful shots, you won’t be able to win many matches. You might get away with less powerful shots when playing for fun and during practices. Still, power is pretty important if you want to hit winners or proceed to a higher level.

How is Power Used in Tennis?

There are several ways in which power gets used in modern tennis. Power impacts the sport in various ways, starting with the very first ball of a rally.

The serve is incredibly important, and with a good powerful serve, you can give yourself a big advantage in the rally.

The serve is also one of the easiest balls to give some power since you are fully in control.

You decide how high and how far in front of you the ball gets thrown so you can hit it at your preferred point. You can add power with a nice swing of the racket, but you can also use your body to add power.

During a rally, power can be important as well. Usually, the fastest balls are pretty flat and don’t have a lot of spin.

However, the most dangerous balls are those that combine power with speed.

Fast balls that come close to the baseline and bounce even further are difficult to hit and have become increasingly important in the modern game.

Besides deep balls to the baseline, more shots need power. Imagine getting a shorter ball; if you have enough power, you can hit this ball hard enough to make it nearly impossible for your opponent to return it.

As mentioned before, variation is also a way in which power gets used. You don’t want to make it too easy for your opponent during a match.

By playing some balls with spin and adding some more flat and powerful shots in between your rallies, you can make it a lot more difficult for your opponent to win.

Even though men usually have more power, power is not only achieved through muscles. Sure, strength does play a role, but your body also helps.

By moving your body along with the swings and having the right balance, you can create some powerful shots as well.

How Can I Improve my Power For Tennis? (3 Tips)

Practice makes perfect, so if you want to improve your power for tennis, you should try to hit as many balls with power as you can.

Have your coach or a friend feed you a bunch of balls so you can focus on getting that perfect power shot before you implement it into your game.

If you want to hit powerful shots reasonably easily, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

1. Body rotation can really boost your shots

The first thing to work on if you want more powerful shots is the rotation of your body.

When you’re about to hit a ball, you bring your racket behind your body. You should rotate your torso in the same direction. Then when you hit the ball, you should rotate your torso to follow the swing of your racket.

This is a relatively easy way to add power to your shot, and it can boost your pace by about 20 to 30 percent.

2. Fall into the ball

Another way to create more power other than swinging your racket is to fall into the ball.

To do this, you have to make sure you are balanced and have a good stance while starting to hit the ball, so you can then step into the ball.

This way, you add power to your shot without using a lot of arm muscles.

3. Don’t hold onto your grip too tightly

It is very tempting to squeeze your grip while trying to add speed and power to a ball. But doing this has the opposite effect of what you want to achieve.

Too much tension prevents you from having a good swing, and you need the swing of your racket to create momentum, which will add power to your shots.

The most powerful shots are hit with a relaxed grip and a relaxed swing.


Power is an important aspect of tennis, especially if you are playing a match. Powerful balls are difficult to return for your opponent, and they can add some variety to your game.

Powerful shots are beneficial from almost every position, whether you’re standing at the baseline or running towards the net.

Besides that, power is achievable for everybody, and you don’t necessarily need a lot of muscles.

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Power can simply be achieved by the right grip and moving your body along with the shots.

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February 28, 2022
Published: February 28, 2022