Is Laser Tag Painful? (Fully Explained)

Many people who plan to play Laser Tag think it is painful, but is this true? Do you actually feel the laser beams on your skin, does the suit you wear hurt when you get hit, and does it hurt when a laser beam hits your eyes?

I answer these questions and more in this blog. After reading this blog, you will know whether Laser Tag is painful or not.

Is Laser Tag Painful?

Laser Tag is a painless sport. If you get hit by a laser beam, you will not feel it on your skin or eyes.

This is because Laser Tag does not use real laser beams but infrared rays, which are painless. The suit also does not hurt if you are hit; instead, it just vibrates.

However, you can get hurt during Laser Tag.

Because it is an active sport where you run a lot, you can, for example, fall, bump yourself, or bump into someone else.

Do you want more specific information about why Laser Tag generally does not hurt, and are you curious about the differences between Laser Tag and paintball in this aspect?

Then continue reading as I also address this in the blog.

Does Laser Tag Hurt Your Skin?

During Laser Tag, many people wear a t-shirt and shorts. There is a good chance you will be hit on your bare skin once or several times this way.

When this happens, however, you will not feel anything. If it comes in contact with your skin, it is only for a very short time.

Even if the beam stays on your skin for a longer period, it won't hurt.

This is because the beam hitting you isn’t a real laser beam but an infrared beam, which is painless.

Does Laser Tag Hurt Your Eyes?

While playing Laser Tag, someone may shoot you in the eye. Many people are afraid that this will hurt and harm their eyes.

Fortunately, the beam doesn't hurt or harm your eye.

The laser beams you shoot with a Laser Tag gun are not real but infrared rays.

These infrared rays do not hurt, even if you get them in your eye for a longer period (which is never the case when playing Laser Tag).

Does a Laser Tag Suit Hurts When You Get Hit?

When playing Laser Tag, you wear a special suit with sensors attached to it. These sit on your chest, back and shoulders.

If an opponent hits the sensors, they score points, and you won’t be able to shoot for a couple of seconds.

Many suits also have a vibration function. When hit, your suit vibrates to let you know you've been hit. The vibration of the suit is painless.

You can compare it to the vibration function of your phone, only slightly harder.

Can You Get Hurt Playing Laser Tag?

When a laser beam hits you, it is completely painless. You don't feel it on your skin or your eyes. The suit will vibrate if you are hit, which is also painless.

However, you can hurt yourself or someone else while playing Laser Tag.

Because Laser Tag is an active sport that requires you to run a lot (often in a dark environment that you don't know well), there is a chance that you will fall, bump into something or run into a fellow player or opponent.

The most commonly sustained injuries are bruises and scratches.

Major accidents do not often happen, partly due to how the playing fields are designed. These are made so that you cannot, for example, fall off of something.

How do You Avoid Getting Hurt When Playing Laser Tag?

As you have read, there is a chance that you can hurt yourself while playing Laser Tag.

While you can never completely prevent this, there are several things you can pay extra attention to in order to reduce the chance.

1. Wear appropriate clothing

Wear comfortable clothing when playing Laser Tag. Clothes that are too tight will limit your ability to move, and you are more likely to fall.

On the contrary, do not wear too baggy clothing either, as there is a chance that you will get caught behind something.

2. Wear appropriate shoes

Wear shoes that you can run in easily and that have enough grip.

Sneakers are a good example - or shoes that are slightly higher and offer more support if you have weak ankles.

3. Tie your laces well

Before you start the game, make sure you tie your laces well. You don't want your laces to come loose and trip over them while running. If necessary, tie a double knot.

You also don't want your laces to come loose while playing since you’ll have to tie them again.

It will take away from your precious playing time, and the chance that someone will bump into you is also a lot higher.

4. Don’t sprint

You don't want to get hit while quickly moving from point A to B. Don't go full sprint when doing this.

When you run at a normal pace, the chance of getting hit is already a lot lower.

If you are going to sprint, there is a greater chance you will bump into something or fall.

5. Don't drink alcohol beforehand

Don't start a game drunk. The chance that you fall, run into someone, or bump into something is much greater if you have had too much to drink.

6. Stay focused

It is important to stay focused throughout the game. This is necessary to be able to hit your opponent, but also to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

Is Laser Tag Painful Compared to Paintball?

Unlike Laser Tag, paintball can be painful.

You don't feel anything from the laser beams shot during Laser Tag. This is because they are not actual laser beams but painless infrared beams.

In paintball, you shoot with paintballs. If they hit your body, they can be very painful.

If you have been hit after a round of paintball, there is a good chance that you will go home with one or several bruises.

The fact that you must wear face protection during paintball is already a sign of how painful and dangerous it can be.

Is Laser Tag Painful Compared to Airsoft?

Airsoft can be painful, while Laser Tag is not. Whether airsoft can be experienced as painful has to do with various factors.

The distance that the bullet (BB) travels, the weight of the bullet, the speed of the bullet, the clothing you wear, and your pain tolerance are examples, among other things.

For instance, if you are wearing a very thick sweater and you are hit from a great distance, it won’t hurt a great deal.

However, if you wear a t-shirt and get hit on your bare arm from close range, it will hurt more.

When playing airsoft, it is mandatory to wear face protection. If a BB (bullet) hits your eye, you can sustain permanent damage.


Playing Laser Tag is a safe game where the chance of sustaining injuries is very low.

You don't have to worry about the laser rays (infrared rays) as they are not painful or harmful when they hit you.

With the proper precautions, such as wearing comfortable clothes, shoes with sufficient grip, and tying your shoelaces properly, playing Laser Tag becomes safer.

If pain is not your thing, choose to play Laser Tag instead of paintball or airsoft.

John Davis

April 18, 2022
Published: April 18, 2022