Is Laser Tag Fun? (8 Reasons To Play Laser Tag)

When you want to do something fun and active with friends or family, you have many options. One of the things you could decide on is Laser Tag. But you might wonder if you and your friends or family would have fun playing Laser Tag.

I can simply tell you: yes! But why is Laser Tag fun?

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at what makes Laser Tag so fun.

8 reasons why Laser Tag is so much fun:

  1. It’s exciting
  2. There are many different ways to play
  3. It’s accessible
  4. It’s competitive
  5. There is a lot of variety in the game
  6. There is a lot of variation in playing fields
  7. It’s much different from other activities
  8. It’s good for your health

If you want to know more about why Laser Tag is fun, I recommend you to keep reading. I will explain why Laser Tag is fun for adults and children and why it's fun to play with your friends and family.

Why is Playing Laser Tag Fun?

As mentioned, several things make playing Laser Tag so much fun. Below I will explain all the different reasons to you.

1. It’s exciting

One of the best things about playing Laser Tag is that it is a very exciting game. Laser Tag is often played in a dark environment with all kinds of different obstacles that you can hide behind.

It’s partly due to this moody lighting, ambiance, and smoke machines that you are entirely immersed in the game.

During Laser Tag, danger lurks, and the opponents can be everywhere. Before you know it, you will be engaged in a fight with your opponent(s), and the laser beams will fly around your ears.

2. There are many different ways to play

What also makes Laser Tag fun is the fact that many people have their own playstyle. You, too, can give it your own twist.

Are you someone who prefers to run aggressively from A to B and shoots a lot?

Are you someone who likes to sneak through the field quietly and try to eliminate the opponent from behind as quietly as possible, or do you prefer to wait for your opponent at a strategic point and shoot them?

3. It’s accessible

You put on the gear, pick up the weapon and enter the playing field. It's that simple.

It's fun to play against players who have more experience and less. Everyone has a chance to shoot others and win the game.

This way, you don't have to fear being shot constantly and that you won’t get a chance to shoot others.

4. It’s competitive

Although there are many different game modes (more on that later), the main goal is to score as many points as possible. You do so by shooting your opponents.

As soon as you enter the playing field, you will find that your only goal is to take out your opponents as you are eager to win.

5. There is a lot of variety in the game

When playing Laser Tag, there are all kinds of different game modes. Free for all, for instance, is a game mode in which everyone plays for themselves.

There is Team Deathmatch, in which you have two teams that play against each other. And how about Capture the flag, in which you have to try to capture the opponent's flag.

Due to the wide variety of game modes, it never gets boring.

6. There is a lot of variation in playing fields

Each Laser Tag center will have its own playing field, and each playing field is unique. If you play Laser Tag in several different centers, it will always stay exciting to discover the playing field.

Some centers have specific styles, themes or settings applied to the field, from a futuristic theme where you are in a large spaceship to a Middle Eastern theme with matching buildings and objects.

However, if you play on the same field more than once, you will notice that this still would never get boring.

This is because each time, there is a chance that you may discover new things and find better positions, for example.

7. It’s much different from other activities

Have you ever played games like bowling or miniature golf?

Well, there is a good chance that the adrenaline wasn’t rushing through your body. However, during Laser Tag, this will be the case because it’s an exciting and active game.

The playing field, shooting, running, and sneaking all make it an activity quite unlike any other.

8. It’s good for your health

Since you move a lot during Laser Tag, it also makes it a healthy activity, which is a bonus!

If you eat a snack during the break, you will burn those calories right off again in the next round.

Is Laser Tag Fun For Kids?

If there is one group that will surely have fun in Laser Tag, it is children. Young and old, boys and girls, all children like to do it.

This is partly because of the nicely decorated playing fields and the laser beams that fly around.

However, be careful with the smallest children.

There must be special suits at the Laser Tag center for children up to six years old. If they don't have those, the children can't participate in the game.

The regular suits won't fit, and the laser guns will be too big and heavy for them to carry.

It is also wise to always have one or more adults participate. This is because the children may still find this new, dark environment a little scary.

Is Laser Tag Fun For Adults?

Because Laser Tag has many nice aspects (mentioned earlier in this blog), there is always something that will excite an adult.

It may be the active part for some, and for others, it’s the game variation. I dare to go as far as to say that every adult will find it an exciting experience.

As soon as you enter the playing field, a mental switch turns on, and you will only think about winning.

Is Laser Tag Fun For Older People?

Laser Tag can also be fun for seniors, but care must be taken to verify that you and your fellow players are still mobile.

When you are a bit older, you are more likely to develop pain quicker.

You can take this for granted, of course, but you don't want to end up with long-lasting injuries.

Is Laser Tag Fun With Friends?

Perhaps the most fun of all is to play Laser Tag with your friends. It is fun to play with your group of friends against another group or as friends against each other.

The rivalry between friends is often very strong, so your urge to win only increases.

Teaming up with a group of friends trying to beat another group also makes playing with friends extra fun.

Is Laser Tag Fun With Family?

In addition to playing with your friends, playing Laser Tag with your family is also fun.

Finally, you have the chance to win against that annoying cousin of yours. It can also be fun to play against another family.

Either way, playing Laser Tag with your family is a fun activity to do.


You've been able to read why Laser Tag is so much fun. If you had doubts before, I hope you are convinced now.

Whether you're going to play with friends or family, there's always a good reason to play Laser Tag.

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun!

John Davis

May 9, 2022
Published: May 9, 2022