Is Laser Tag Expensive? (Full Price Analysis)

Laser tag is an activity to do at home as well as in a Laser Tag center. Many people think it’s an expensive activity, but is that really the case?

In this blog, I will explain whether Laser Tag is expensive or not.

Is Playing Laser Tag Expensive?

On average, playing Laser Tag at a Laser Tag center costs between $8 and $12.50 per person. On average, one round of Laser Tag lasts for 15 minutes, meaning you pay between $0.53c and $0.83c per person.

From this, we can conclude that Laser Tag is both expensive and inexpensive. If we compare this to similar games like paintball and Airsoft, however, Laser Tag is a lot cheaper (nearly twice as much).

Compared to other games like bowling and mini-golf, Laser Tag is a bit more expensive (about 0.5 times more pricey).

You now know that Laser Tag isn’t the cheapest but isn’t the most expensive activity compared to others.

Continue reading this blog to find out more about this topic. I will explain what it costs to play Laser Tag at home and what the pricings for Laser Tag are based on.

How Much Does Laser Tag Cost Per Person?

As mentioned already, on average, one round of Laser Tag costs between $8 and $12.50 per person. On average, one round of Laser Tag lasts for 15 minutes, meaning you pay between $0.53c and $0.83c per person.

At many Laser Tag centers, it’s possible to book several rounds. The second round is cheaper than the first, and the third is cheaper than the second.

On average, you pay between $20 and $32 for an arrangement of 3 rounds. This comes down to an average of between $6.50 and $10.66 per round.

You will pay between $0.44c and $0.71c per minute when translated back to minutes.

How Much is Laser Tag Per Person at Home?

If you decide to play Laser Tag at home, pricings are way different. It depends on how often you play Laser Tag at home to give a good price estimate.

You can buy a Laser Tag set with two guns for $50. This comes down to $25 per person.

The more you play, the cheaper it becomes. By playing Laser Tag at home just four times, you are already cheaper than at a Laser Tag center. The cost is $25 divided by four rounds, which is $6.25.

How Much Does One Game of Laser Tag Cost?

On average, a 15-minute round of Laser Tag checks out anywhere between $8 and $12.50. In this case, you will pay between $0.53c and $0.83c per minute.

If you play with friends and are with a group of 4 people, it costs between $24 and $50.

Many parents choose to play Laser Tag at Laser Tag center during a birthday party with a group of kids. Many group discounts and arrangements are available at Laser Tag centers for these types of occasions.

Having a group discount will make a round of Laser Tag a lot cheaper. On average, you would pay between $6.50 and $11.50 per child in a group of at least 6.

Laser Tag centers often offer different arrangements. You’ll play two or three rounds and receive a drink and a snack.

I recommend taking advantage of this when organizing a children’s party. It will make your wallet happy!

What do You Pay For When You go Play Laser Tag?

We now know the costs to play Laser tag, but what are these based on? Below I will explain all the costs a Laser Tag center needs to cover.

Rent of the facility:

One of the highest costs for a Laser Tag center is the rent of the building. Since the playing fields are large and have several floors, the cost for this can be quite high.


Staff is required in order to keep everything running. Think of waiters, cleaners, maintenance personnel, and of course, one or several game instructors.


It’s not just the building that needs maintenance. It also includes the Laser Tag guns and vests.

The equipment will be exposed to wear and tear and, in some cases, may even break. Replacing these with new materials and maintaining the equipment costs the owner money.


In many cases, Laser Tag is played with vests that house an internal battery. In order to charge these batteries, electricity is needed.

In addition, electricity is needed for any ambient lights, ambient sound effects, and smoke machines. Water is needed for things such as the toilets, and gas is needed to heat the building.

Food and drinks:

People will often grab a snack and a drink before, during, and after playing Laser Tag. A budget must be set aside in order to stock up on this.


At the end of the day, the owner of the Laser tag center, of course, needs to make profits.

Is Laser Tag Expensive Compared to Other Activities?

You can think of many different activities to have a good time. We, of course, would easily choose Laser Tag.

But is Laser Tag expensive compared to other activities? This is displayed in the table below.

See below for an easy overview where you can check if Laser tag is cheaper than other activities:

SportCost per game
(per person)
Cost per hour
(per person)
Price difference
(compared to laser tag*)
Cheaper than Laser Tag?
Paintball$15 - $30$60 - $120$20 - $80No
Airsoft$15 - $30$60 - $120$20 - $80No
(Go) Karting$30$120 - $180$80 - $140No
Mini-golf$5 - $12$5 - $12-$35 - -$28Yes
Pool Billiards$3 - $6$6 - $12-$37 - -$28Yes

* Price difference is based on the average cost of $40 per person for an hour of Laser Tag ($10 per 15-minute round).
** No estimation is needed as the number of playable rounds varies. This is due to the group size and how fast people throw balls.

Is Laser Tag Expensive Compared to Paintball?

As you’ve seen in the table above, paintball is much more expensive than Laser Tag. This is because paintball requires you to shoot with small paint rounds instead of laser beams.

Laser beams can be fired endlessly, while paint rounds eventually run out.

Fabricating and transporting the paint rounds costs money. These extra costs are calculated within the price you pay to play paintball.

In addition, the suits that you wear will have to be cleaned after getting stained from the paint. Finally, the gun used in paintball also requires more maintenance than the one used in Laser Tag.

These reasons result in a higher price for paintball than Laser Tag.

Is Laser Tag Expensive Compared to Airsoft?

Airsoft is more expensive than Laser Tag because you are dealing with plastic rounds here. Just like paintball, these rounds will have to be fabricated and transported first, which comes with a price.

Airsoft is often played outside, posing a larger risk of the guns becoming filthy. As a result, they will require more maintenance.

This, in addition to the plastic rounds, make for an increase in costs for the owner of an Airsoft center. This is why the costs for Airsoft are higher than Laser Tag.


If you decide to play Laser Tag as an activity, you now know that you’ll pay between $8 and $12.50 per person. If you’re playing several heats, you will pay less for each subsequent round.

In contrast to similar activities like paintball and Airsoft, Laser Tag is cheaper.

However, Laser Tag is more expensive when compared to activities like mini-golf, bowling, and pool.

John Davis

June 12, 2022
Published: June 12, 2022