Is Laser Tag A Real Sport (Fully Explained)

People choose to play Laser Tag as a fun activity. It’s so exciting and competitive, and you’re physically active. Maybe you even like it so much that you want to practice it as an actual sport.

But is Laser Tag a sport? I have the answer for you in this blog.

Is Laser Tag a Sport?

Laser Tag is acknowledged as a real sport. This is because there are official Laser Tag competitions held in multiple countries such as America, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Finland.

In addition, there is an annual Laser Tag championship in which people contest in teams and solo to earn the World Championship title.

Competitions are held in different formats during the WCZLT (World Championships Zone Laser Tag).

These are Team Comp, Solo, Lord of the Rings, Team Elimination, and Doubles / Triples.

Please read on if you wish to know more about this topic.

In this blog, I will not only talk about the above, but I will also discuss why Laser Tag is a team sport and if there exists a Laser Tag league.

Is Laser Tag a Teamsport?

Laser Tag is primarily played in a team. There are teams of five players in competitions, which all play against two to three other teams.

In order to win as a team, it’s important to play tactical and assist one another. With this, I mean providing cover and giving each other intel on where the opponents are.

In a Laser Tag center, people usually play within teams, too. As opposed to official games, there is the freedom here to play with more than five people in a team.

Can You Play Laser Tag Solo?

Yes, Laser Tag can be played solo. There are solo competitions held in countries like America, Australia, and France.

During the annual world championships, people fight for the best solo Laser Tag player in the world.

When you’re playing Laser Tag with your friends or family, it’s also possible to play solo. You win the game by having the highest number of points at the end of the round.

Can You Play Laser Tag Competitive?

Competitive Laser Tag is played in different countries. These countries are America, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Finland.

In addition, there is the WCZLT, an annual world championship.

Where can you play Laser Tag competitive?

Not every country hosts competitive Laser Tag games. The countries that do are America, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Finland.

If you are from any other country, you might want to enquire at your local Laser Tag center to find out whether it’s possible to play competitive games in your country.

Is there a Laser Tag federation?

Laser Tag doesn’t have a league like the ones you see in football (FIFA). It’s unknown why this is, but perhaps it’s because Laser Tag is not a very popular sport (yet).

What Sports Are Similar to Laser Tag?

There are a couple of sports that are pretty similar to Laser Tag.

Suppose you live in a country that doesn’t host competitive Laser Tag games. In this case, the options below may be a good alternative for you.


Paintball is a larger and more acknowledged sport than Laser Tag in most countries. Because of this, there is a chance your country is hosting games on a competitive level for this sport.


Airsoft is up and coming. Within no time, Airsoft has become more popular. Perhaps Airsoft can be played competitively in your country.


By reading this blog, you know that Laser Tag is a real sport.

This is not just because you’re being physically active, playing in a team, and needing to think strategically, but mainly because official competitions are being held.

In addition, a Laser Tag World Championship is being held annually.

John Davis

May 16, 2022
Published: May 16, 2022