Is Laser Tag A Hobby? (Fully Explained)

Laser Tag can be a fun activity to do in your free time. You can choose to play at home or in a Laser Tag center.

But is Laser Tag considered a hobby, just like airsoft, bowling, and go-karting? This question is answered in this blog.

Is Laser Tag a Hobby?

Yes, Laser Tag is a hobby. You can play it for fun in your spare time. Laser Tag can be played with friends, family, colleagues, or even alone.

You do not need to be a member of any organization or club to play Laser Tag. All you have to do is make a reservation at a Laser Tag center or if you want to play at home, purchase Laser Tag equipment.

Because you don't need any experience playing Laser Tag, it is a very popular hobby.

I will go into more detail about this later in the article. I will explain why Laser Tag is a hobby and whether it's an expensive hobby. So keep reading.

Why is Laser Tag a Hobby?

To understand why Laser Tag is a hobby, we must first define what a hobby is.

The definition of a hobby is as follows:

"An activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation."

Because you play Laser Tag for fun, it is considered a hobby. You are not obligated to do it, and it is not your profession.

Is Laser Tag a Hobby or a Sport?

Laser Tag is a hobby as well as a sport. You've already read why Laser Tag can be considered a hobby. But Laser Tag can also be considered a sport.

It is played competitively in countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Finland. There is even a world championship held each year called the WCZLT (World Championships Zone Laser Tag).

During this event, teams from various countries compete in multiple playing classes such as Team Comp, Solo, Lord of the Rings, and Team Elimination.

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Is Laser Tag an Expensive Hobby?

To properly answer this question, a number of factors must be considered, including:

  • Do you play in a center or at home?
  • How often do you play?
  • With how many people are you playing?

Play in a center or at home:

There is a significant price difference between playing Laser Tag at home and in a Laser Tag center.

When you play at home, you can purchase a set for $50 and play with two people for $25 per person. Laser Tag in a center costs between $8 and $12,50 per person per round. A round of Laser Tag lasts approximately 15 minutes.

How often do you play it:

The amount of times you play has a significant impact on the cost. In addition, the price also differs whether you play at home or a Laser Tag center.

Play at home

Because you only pay once, the more you play, the more it is divided. If you only play once, it is costly because you paid, for example, $50 for a Laser Tag set. If you play 100 times, you will only pay $0.50 each time.

Playing at a Laser Tag center

It works the other way around if you always go to a Laser Tag center. The more you play, the more you have to pay. Despite the availability of packages and subscriptions, the costs will steadily rise.

For example, if you play Laser Tag once a week for three months, the cost will range between $96 and $150.

The number of people you play with

If you want to play at home with eight people, you'll need to buy 8 Laser Tag sets. This comes to a total of $200. If you play Laser Tag with eight people in a center, the cost will range between $64 and $100 (each round will cost between $8 and $12.50).

If you choose to play three rounds, for example, you will pay less for each round than you did the previous round.

As a result, Laser Tag is both a cheap and expensive hobby. If you play a lot at home, it won't cost you much; if you play a lot at a Laser Tag center, it will.

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This blog provides a comprehensive price analysis of Laser Tag, as well as an explanation of whether Laser Tag is more expensive than other activities such as Airsoft, Paintball, and Bowling.

Is Laser Tag a Fun Hobby?

In short, yes, laser tag is a very enjoyable hobby. This is primarily because Laser Tag is a thrilling activity that can be played in various ways, is easily accessible, and is unlike other activities such as mini golf and bowling.

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Is Laser Tag a Safe Hobby?

It is safe to play laser tag. However, much like with other hobbies like Airsoft and Paintball, you could suffer from bruising or injury.

This is due to the fact that playing Laser Tag requires a lot of running.

There is a possibility that you will trip or collide with anything because the game often takes place in a dim, unfamiliar setting with a variety of obstacles.

The laser that the gun emits is also completely safe. This is because this is an infrared beam rather than a laser. This infrared beam is safe for your eyes and skin.

My article, is Laser Tag painful, has more information on whether Laser Tag is safe.

Is Laser Tag a Healthy Hobby?

Laser Tag is a healthy hobby. The main reason is that you move around a lot. For example, you run from point A to B, bend down to avoid being hit, or climb a staircase to shoot at your opponent from a higher floor.

You use a variety of muscles, including your leg muscles, stomach muscles, and arm muscles.

You must also consider your opponent's location and the tactics you have discussed with your team members. This will train your memory and mental state.

There are many other reasons why Laser Tag is a healthy hobby. These can be read in my article, is Laser Tag good for your health?

Can You Play Laser Tag Alone?

Laser Tag cannot be played with one person, as you need an opponent to shoot at. However, you can go to a Laser Tag center all by yourself and play against strangers.

You can then join a team or play free for all with a group of people where everyone is each other's opponent.


In this blog, you have been able to read that Laser Tag is a hobby because you do it for fun, and there are no obligations attached to it as there are in a profession.

Also, I hope to have answered all your other questions about the hobby Laser Tag. At least you know if it is an expensive hobby, a safe hobby, a healthy hobby and if you can play it alone.

John Davis

The first time I was introduced to Laser Tag was at a friend's kids' party. I was immediately sold on the excitement and adrenaline the game gave me. This eventually led me to start my own Laser Tag center and play Laser Tag competitively. Through my articles, I hope to bring more attention to the sport.
August 19, 2022
Published: August 19, 2022