Is Bowling A Good Choice For A Kids Party? (11 Reasons Why)

Many children want to do a fun activity with their friends during a children’s party. It could be that your child wants to go bowling, but you are unsure whether this is a good idea. You may not know how much it costs, how many children can join, and whether it is even responsible.

In this blog, I answer these questions and explain why bowling is a great activity for a children’s party.

Here’s why bowling is a good choice for a children’s party:

  • Bowling is not expensive
  • You can choose between different packages
  • It is suitable for all ages
  • The children will do something active
  • It is accessible
  • You can monitor the children well
  • You will not need to travel far
  • Everything is in one place
  • You can do it several years in a row
  • Many bowling alleys have special themes
  • You can come up with a nice theme yourself

As mentioned above, there are plenty of reasons why bowling is an excellent activity for a children’s party. Continue reading, and I will discuss the above reasons in detail.

1. Bowling is not expensive

On average, renting a bowling lane costs $24 for an hour where you can play with up to 8 children. This comes to an average of $3 per child per hour.

If you provide all children with a drink, this costs between $2 and $3.50. An hour of bowling, including a drink, equates between $5 and $8.50 per child.

Suppose you want more information about prices and how expensive bowling is compared to other activities such as Laser tag and (Go) Karting.

In that case, we recommend that you read the blog: How much does one hour of bowling cost on average.

Please note:

On average, one round of bowling takes 10 minutes per child. Renting a lane for an hour with eight children means they cannot finish the game. Therefore, it is better to rent a track for 1.5 hours.

If you would like to have an easy overview of how long you should rent a lane depending on the number of players, read our blog: How many games can you bowl in one hour.

2. You can choose between different packages

Many bowling alleys offer different kinds of packages. There are often special packages available intended for children's parties. The advantage is that these are cheaper.

There are, for example, packages where unlimited lemonade is served, and all children get treated with a bag of chips or a cupcake after bowling.

3. It is suitable for all ages

One of the reasons to go bowling is that it is suitable for all ages. Children from the age of 4 can enjoy a game of bowling with a bit of help (from the bowling alley).

The bowling alley's help is placing bumpers on both sides of the lane. This prevents the ball from rolling into the gutter.

The lightest bowling balls weigh only 6lbs (2.7 kg) and can easily be thrown by children underhand between their legs using two hands.

Children who are a bit older can take a heavier ball and possibly throw the ball using three fingers.


Ask the children in advance (especially if they are a bit older) whether or not they want to play with the bumpers. You will find that many children like to play without it.

You can also play one with and one without bumpers if they play two rounds.

4. The children will do something active

Bowling is not only a fun activity; it is also an active one. Unlike, for example, going to the cinema (which is also fun, of course).

That's why bowling is the perfect activity for a children's party. The kids have fun and amuse themselves while moving and being active.

5. It is accessible

Bowling with children is an easy activity and requires little effort of yourself. Renting a lane is a piece of cake and getting to the bowling alley with the children also takes little effort.

Once there, it is a matter of fitting on bowling shoes and starting the game.

All you then have to do is treat all children with a drink and possibly a snack. You can relax while playing, as the children are busy bowling.

6. You can monitor the children well

You can easily keep an eye on the children while they are bowling. The children all sit together and will throw one by one.

If you were to go swimming, it would be much more challenging to keep all the children together. There is a reasonable chance that the children will spread out in the pool area in no time.

Considering the responsibility you have to watch over the children, this does not feel reassuring.

7. You will not need to travel far

Transporting multiple children from your home to another place can often be a hassle. Especially if you have to travel a long distance, this can be a bit difficult when choosing a fun activity.

Because there are so many bowling alleys in the country, there is always one at an appropriate distance, so you do not have to travel very far with the children.

There may even be one within walking distance.


If necessary, ask another parent if they want to drive along. If you only have one car, it is difficult to get all the children to the bowling alley at once. With two cars, this problem is quickly solved.

8. Everything is in one place

All you need to do is go to the bowling alley and then return home. There are no in-between stops for you to go to with the children.

This is nice, as transporting the children can often be quite challenging.

Bowling alleys often facilitate other activities such as an arcade hall with pinball machines, air hockey, and pool billiards.

It is also possible to stay for a meal after bowling in most cases. The children will love to eat a tasty pizza or fries afterward, which will save you a lot of hassle back at home.

9. You can do it several years in a row

If bowling has turned out to be a successful activity, you can simply opt for bowling again the following year.

The children will have grown a bit, making bowling a suitable option for them. Nothing is more fun than seeing how quickly the children get the hang of something and get a little better at it each time.

10. Many bowling alleys have special themes

Many bowling alleys have designed special themes for children. For example, there is disco bowling.

The music gets a little louder during disco bowling, the lights are dimmed, and the disco lights are turned on.

Other examples include pirates, fairy tales, action heroes, and the wild west.

During these themed afternoons/evenings, everything is decorated in the relevant theme, and sometimes characters in costumes are walking around.

The children will certainly enjoy it even more because of this!

11. You can come up with a nice theme yourself

Not only does the bowling alley feature special themes, but you can also come up with a theme around the activity.

For example, you can turn it into a fun competition for the children and come up with a nice prize for the winner.

Another fun idea is to dress up at home before visiting the bowling alley and let the children bowl while wearing their costumes. This will guarantee some fun photos.


After reading this blog, I hope that you will be convinced that bowling is the perfect activity for a children's party.

Either way, there are plenty of arguments for it. I was already enthusiastic about going bowling for a children's party.

What about you?

Ian Miles

I was only 4 years old when I started bowling, my dad took me to the bowling alley and I'm hooked ever since! Now almost 40 years later I bring my own two kids to the bowling alley and they love it as well. You can say bowling is in our blood! I also love to write about everything that has to do with bowling. Hopefully, you also fall in love with this sport after reading my blogs.
March 11, 2022
Published: March 11, 2022