Iga Swiatek Tennis Racket: What Racket Does She Use?

Iga Swiatek is currently close to unbeatable at the top of the women’s rankings, and she is there to stay. Her incredible tennis has blown away many top-class opponents as she reigns clear at the top of the rankings.

Of course, these results are primarily due to her incredible skill and talent, but her equipment has undoubtedly played an important role as well. That is why we will now be looking at the specific racket used by Iga Swiatek to achieve these incredible results!

So, what racket does Iga Swiatek use?

What Racket Does Iga Swiatek Use?

Iga Swiatek plays with the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga racket, developed by the relatively lesser-known tennis brand Tecnifibre.

As the name suggests, this racket is a specific partnership between Iga Swiatek and Tecnifibre, as they developed it specifically for her.

The racket is a little lighter than other rackets in its class, making it an agile racket to use. As far as the characteristics of the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 go, it is best described as all-round.

This racket is a great balance between precision, power, and spin, the three core values of any tennis racket.

The frame has been made using Dynacore XTC technology, which greatly dampens vibrations when striking the ball, making for a more comfortable and durable playing experience.

Due to the light weight of this racket, it is extremely good close to the net while losing some stable performance on the power shots.

The racket has been designed for a wide range of tennis players, making it a suitable racket for players anywhere from a beginner to a professional level.

The partnership between the Polish tennis star and Tecnifibre has produced a great lightweight racket accessible to many different players, making this the perfect racket for players looking for an upgrade. 

Iga Swiatek Racket Spec

Below are the original specifications of the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga.

It is important to note that while the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga is commercially available, pro players such as Iga Swiatek are likely to make slight modifications to their equipment, making them slightly different from the factory racket.

Head Size:98 in² / 632.26 cm²
Length:27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight:11oz / 312g
Balance:12.99in / 32.99cm / 4 pts HL
Beam Width:23mm / 23mm / 23mm
Power Level:Low-Medium
Stroke Style:Medium-Full
Swing Speed:Medium-Fast
Racket Colors:White/Teal
Grip Type:Tecnifibre Synthetic
String Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H
Two Pieces
No Shared Holes
String Tension:50-55 pounds / 22-25 kg

Iga Swiatek Strings

We have now looked into Iga Swiatek’s preferences regarding tennis rackets, but as any experienced tennis player will tell you, the racket itself doesn’t paint the complete picture.

There is much more to tennis equipment than you might realize, and one such unseen piece of equipment is the strings.

Strings and string tension can make a huge difference in a racket’s performance. That is why we will now be taking a closer look at Iga Swiatek’s string preferences.  

Tennis stringing machine

Iga Swiatek currently strings her racket using the Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code 17 strings, developed by the same company that made her racket.

This is the obvious choice as these strings were specifically developed to be used with the Tecnifibre Tempo 298. The strings are, just like the racket, very all-round in terms of performance.

They offer enough power and spin potential for professional players to play with while also being forgivable enough to be used by the average tennis player.

These strings represent the latest tennis technology, as they are made using special additives rather than the regular polyester used in many other brands.

This further improves the feel and performance of the Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code 17 strings.

Now that we know the specific type of string used by Swiatek, it is time to dive into the deeper details, such as string tension and string pattern.

For the string pattern, she uses the standard 16x19 pattern used by many tennis players worldwide. Iga Swiatek’s string tension is said to be somewhere around 53lbs, or 24kg, on both the mains and the crosses.

However, it is important to note that string tension is a matter of personal preference.

It is not recommended to simply copy a pro’s tension. It is better to invest the time into your own game to develop a feel for different tensions to pick the one you like most. 

Where to Buy Iga Swiatek’s Racket?

Now that we have covered the full set of equipment used by Iga Swiatek, only one question remains, where can we buy this setup for ourselves?

Luckily for us, all equipment mentioned in this article is commercially available for us to buy, but where?

Because Tecnifibre is a reasonably small name in the tennis world, especially when compared to bigger brands like Wilson, Yonex, or Babolat, it might be a little more difficult to obtain this racket.

The racket is easily available on most online tennis outlets such as Tennis-Warehouse, and it is, of course, possible to buy the racket directly from the Tecnifibre website.

I wouldn’t bet your local sports or tennis store has the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga in stock. Perhaps the larger retailers might, but generally, this racket is best available from an online source.

The same goes for the Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code 17 strings; they are available online but might be harder to obtain at your local retailer. 

How Much Does Iga Swiatek’s Racket Cost?

This leaves us with the final question, how much will this professional, all-round setup cost us? 

According to Tennis-Warehouse, the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga racket costs around $219, or €210.

This is definitely a lot of money, but you can also expect to get a lot of racket for this price. For the average or advanced tennis player looking to upgrade their racket to the next level, it is well worth the hefty price tag.

The Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code 17 strings will set you back a further $16, or €15.

This price is almost negligible when compared to the racket, and it is more than recommended to get yourself a suitable quality set of strings when buying a racket for this price.

It will truly surprise you just how big of a difference a set of strings can make. 


All in all, Iga Swiatek uses the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 Iga racket, specifically made for her in a partnership with Tecnifibre.

She strings her racket with the Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code 17 strings at 53 lbs or 24kg. The entire setup, strings, and racket will set you back around $235, or €225.

This racket is the perfect upgrade for a tennis player of any level!

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July 2, 2022
Published: July 2, 2022