How To Win A Game Of Laser Tag (13 Helpful Tips)

Laser Tag is a fun and exciting game. Once you start playing, you’ll notice how badly you want to win and shoot your opponents. To help you win, I’ve put together some helpful tips. These will be easily applicable for both beginner and experienced players.

13 helpful tips to win a game of Laser Tag:

  • Keep moving
  • Take good cover
  • Don’t save "bullets"
  • Try not to be too noisy
  • Get to know the area
  • Make use of height differences
  • Make yourself small
  • Know how to move (defend yourself)
  • Use both eyes and ears
  • Wear suitable clothing
  • Know your opponents
  • Stay close as a team
  • Stay focused

Are you curious to know more about how to win a game of Laser Tag based on these tips? Then I recommend you read on, as we will discuss each of them.

1. Keep moving

One of the most important tips I can give is to make sure you keep moving. By doing so, you make sure you’re less of an easy target for your opponent.

You are easy bait for your opponent if you don’t move a lot. It allows your opponent to close in on you from behind and shoot you silently.

There’s a great chance you won’t cross that many opponents by sitting in one place.

This is especially true when playing on a large playing field or when you’re not playing with that many people.

If you don’t come across any opponents, you won’t be able to shoot them, and you won’t receive any points. A low score means that you won’t win the game.

You’ll notice the game will also be quite boring if you don’t keep moving.

2. Take good cover

A Laser Tag playing field often features many different objects like walls, tire stacks, pallets, etc.

Move from cover to cover. By taking cover, you’re safer, and you have a much lower chance of getting hit.

If you decide to stay put for a moment, don’t stand in the open playing field as you’ll be an easy target for your opponents.

3. Don’t save "bullets"

In Laser Tag, you have an unlimited amount of bullets (laser beams). Don’t save them and shoot as much as you possibly can when you see an enemy.

The more times you shoot, the greater the chance of a hit.

Some players choose to constantly keep shooting during the game. This technique works well if you keep moving the whole time.

As there’ll always be a chance of hitting someone, you have become a dangerous opponent.

However, doing this will also expose you more, as the shooting makes noise and has visible beams. This can be used against you.

4. Try not to be too noisy

Someone who makes a lot of noise, for example, by shouting while playing, will be detected quickly.

Opponents that carefully listen will know your location quickly, making you an easy target.

By producing as little sound as possible, you’ll be able to sneak up behind someone and shoot them easily.

5. Get to know the area

Immediately start scanning the environment after you start, and try to remember which areas will give you cover and which won't.

The better you know the area, the greater of a chance you’ll have to win.

Cover spots will grant you less of a chance to get seen or hit while still being able to shoot others yourself.

Think of a spot that’s higher up. This will give you more overview, and you may even see your opponent's approach.

The only thing that will be left to do is to wait for the right moment and pull the trigger!

6. Make use of height differences

If there are any height differences, it’s smart to make use of it.

By standing on a higher level than your opponents, you have more overview and can (often) see your opponent approaching.

Additionally, you can hit your target more easily from higher up. Aiming down to shoot is way easier than having to aim up.

7. Make yourself small

Try to make yourself as small as possible. Do this by keeping your arms in front of your body and crouching down slightly.

When you make yourself small, you are less easily spotted and hit.

The fewer times you’re hit, the fewer points will go to the opponent.

8. Know how to move (defend yourself)

As you’ve read earlier, it’s essential to keep moving. It’s therefore also crucial that you know how to move around.

If you know an opponent is in front or behind you, the best thing to do is turn your body by a quarter and move forward in a sidestep.

This way, the opponent will have more difficulty hitting the front or back of your harness.

9. Use your eyes and ears

Not just your eyes are a useful tool in finding your opponent, but so are your ears. Listen carefully for any footsteps, voices, or shots.

If you hear someone approaching, you can prepare by aiming your weapon in that direction. You will find that the chance of hitting your opponent is much higher by doing this.

10. Wear suitable clothing

Since Laser Tag requires you to move around a lot, it’s wise to wear clothing that isn’t too tight.

If you cannot move around properly, you are an easy target for your opponent.

If possible, try to wear dark clothes. This will leave you less visible to your opponents, and you won’t get noticed as quickly.

Many Laser Tag playing fields are dark, often lit by glow-in-the-dark lights. Therefore, try not to wear a white t-shirt or pants, as they are too noticeable.

Also, pay attention to the type of shoes you wear.

Since you’ll be moving around a lot, wearing flip flops or heels while playing Laser Tag isn’t a good idea. Your best option is a pair of comfortable sneakers.

11. Know your opponents

Every opponent is different, so try to shoot the least skilled ones as much as possible.

This may sound unfair, but if you want to win, you want to make sure you collect as many points as possible. Beginner players are often less skilled and, therefore, an easier target.

12. Stay close as a team

If you’re playing in a team, it’s important to stay together as a group.

This way, you can collectively try to take out your opponents. If multiple players shoot at one target, the chance of that opponent getting hit increases.

13. Stay focused

It may sound straightforward, but staying focused throughout the game is important.

Try to focus and relax as you scan the environment and watch and listen carefully.

By doing so, you’ll notice that you will be able to spot your opponents much quicker and take them down with ease.


If you apply these 13 handy tips, you’ll notice a drastic increase in your chance to win.

This may be hard to do as a beginner player. However, luckily your chances of winning will still increase even by applying a handful of them.

John Davis

April 16, 2022
Published: April 16, 2022