How To Become Better At Laser Tag (8 Helpful Tips)

If you are unable to rank high on the Laser Tag scoreboard and would like to change this, you have come to the right place. In this blog, I explain what you can do to get better at Laser Tag.

How to get better at Laser Tag?

  • Work on your condition
  • Train your muscles
  • Train your memory
  • Practice practice practice
  • Keep playing
  • Play similar sports
  • Train your fine motor skills
  • Stay calm

If you work on all the above points, you will notice that you will improve quickly. Read on if you want to know more about this because we will explore all of these points in this blog.

Later in this blog, I also give extra helpful tips that ensure you have a better chance of winning. These are tips that you can apply at any time.

8 Tips to Get Better at Laser Tag

1. Work on your condition

A round of Laser Tag usually takes between 15 and 25 minutes. Because you are running a lot while playing, you must be in good shape.

When you get tired, your heart rate increases, and you will breathe faster. The result of this is that your aim and shoot accuracy decreases.

In addition, it also becomes more difficult to concentrate properly.

You won’t notice your opponents as quickly, you won’t get around as easily, and perhaps it is more difficult to distinguish between your team and other opponents.

If you are in good shape, you will have less trouble with these things. You can improve your condition by, for example, going for a run, cycling or swimming.

2. Train your muscles

While playing, you use a lot of different muscles. Your legs have to run from point A to B, your arm and shoulder muscles must carry the weapon, and you need to use your obliques to turn if an opponent suddenly stands behind you.

Although the gun you carry is not very heavy, your muscles do get tired after playing for a while.

You can hold the gun for longer and more stable if you have stronger arm and shoulder muscles. As a result, you can aim and shoot at your opponent better.

You can train your muscles in the gym, but you can also easily do this at home, for example, with dumbbells or a kettlebell.

If you don’t have this, you can always train with your body weight, for example, by doing push-ups, squats, and pull-ups.

3. Train your memory

The faster you know what the playing field looks like, the more of an advantage you have. Within the playing field, there are many different spots, some better than others.

For example, if you stand in a place where the opponent hardly sees you, but you can see them, you can benefit from this.

Maybe that’s just the perfect place where you can shoot many opponents and get many points.

Memory training trains the brain to remember something faster and better. This also makes it easier to remember the playing field.

Train your memory with memory games or a memory trainer app on your phone, for instance.

4. Practice practice practice

It may sound obvious, but to get better at Laser Tag, you must play it a lot. As with other sports, you only get better at it if you play it a lot.

By playing a lot, your body builds muscle memory. Eventually, targeting someone becomes almost second nature.

If you practice a lot, chances are you will do this at one or two different Laser Tag centers. After playing a few times, you know the playing fields by heart, from which you can then take a great advantage.

You are aware of the best strategic places to shoot your opponent from and how you can safely get from A to B. So, make smart use of this!

5. Keep playing

Again, advice that may be obvious but nevertheless very important. To become good, it’s important that you play with some regularity.

If you play a few times a week, you will get better faster than if you go once every two months. The term muscle memory also comes into play here.

Even once you’re better, it’s important to keep playing regularly. If you don’t do this, you will notice that your Laser Tag skills will start to decline.

6. Play similar sports

Several sports look a lot like Laser Tag. Paintball and Airsoft, in particular, resemble Laser Tag in terms of game type and the environment in which you play.

In both sports, you play with a gun, and the intention is to shoot your opponents.

When you get better at these two sports, you will notice that you will automatically get better at Laser Tag.

You can also do other sports/activities to get better at aiming. For example:

  • Shooting with bow and arrow
  • Crossbow shooting
  • Using a Nerf Gun
  • At a fair at a shooting gallery
  • During summer, using a water gun

7. Train your fine motor skills

You need fine motor skills for precision work. To shoot directly at the vest’s sensors, you need to work on your fine motor skills.

You can train this in many different ways. Some of those are:

  • Writing
  • Cooking (peeling and slicing)
  • Cutting
  • Building domino bricks
  • Tying laces
  • Unbuttoning
  • Embroidery

8. Stay calm

Many people who are going to play Laser Tag are very enthusiastic, which of course, makes sense.

However, it is important to keep your cool. When you succeed at doing so, it can work to your advantage, especially if your opponent isn’t able to do the same.

When you’re calm, you can absorb the playing environment more easily, shoot opponents better, and make better strategic choices.

Please note that I do not mean you should not be active. It is best to be active, but try to stay calm in the moments that matter (especially when you see an opponent).

Helpful Tips For Winning at Laser Tag

In addition to the above advice, I have several useful tips for you. Anyone can use these at any time to increase the chance of winning.

  • Keep moving
  • Take cover
  • Keep shooting
  • Try not to make too much noise
  • Take advantage of different height levels
  • Make yourself small
  • Know how to move (defend yourself)
  • Use both your eyes and ears
  • Wear suitable clothing (dark clothes)
  • Know your opponents
  • Stay close together as a team
  • Stay focused

Want to know more about these tips? Then check out the blog on how to win a game of Laser Tag.


Suppose you consider the advice mentioned above together with the given tips. In that case, it is almost guaranteed that you will end up at the top of the score list in no time.

Good luck with the training, and have fun playing.

John Davis

June 22, 2022
Published: June 22, 2022