How Much Does A Tennis Racket Cost? (Racket Price Guide)

A good tennis racket is of great importance, especially if you play often and would like to get better. But it can be difficult to decide how much to spend on a tennis racket, especially for beginners. So, how much does a tennis racket cost?

Tennis racket prices range from $30 to $299. The price is determined by the needs of the player, and the brand of the racket. A beginner will spend between $30 and $100 for a racket, while a more advanced player will spend between $150 and $250. Most junior rackets cost between $25 and $60.

In this article, you will learn how much tennis rackets cost by brand and model, what rackets of professional players cost, and whether an expensive racket is worth the money. So do you want to make the right choice when buying a new racket? Then be sure to read on!

How Much do Tennis Rackets Cost?

If you want to play tennis, buying a tennis racket is one of your biggest expenses. A tennis racket is an essential piece of gear for playing tennis.

Tennis rackets come in various sizes and colors. Some rackets focus on power, while others focus on control or spin. There can also be differences in head size, weight, and string pattern.

With so many different choices, the prices of tennis rackets can vary a lot. Besides that, brand value plays a role as well.

Even your level of play can decide how much you end up paying, as beginners can usually get away with a cheaper racket than more advanced players.

What is the average price of a tennis racket?

In the United States, the price of a tennis racket ranges from $30 to $299. An advanced and more experienced player can expect to spend from $150 to $250 for a racket, depending on needs, brand, and type of racket.

A cheaper racket might be just fine if you are just starting out. If you are going to use your racket a lot, though, it’s a good idea to invest in a good racket and pay a bit more.

You can look for older designs instead of the latest versions to save money. Sometimes, shops offer a nice discount, or you can try to buy a second-hand racket.

This way, you can pay around $100 for a decent racket.

How much does a beginner tennis racket cost?

Beginners can often get away with the cheapest tennis rackets, meaning they can get a racket for as little as $30. A beginner doesn’t have to spend more than $100 on a racket. Racket prices for beginning juniors start at $20 for a racket from a well-known brand.

Especially if you are not sure yet if tennis is the sport for you, it would be a waste of money to buy an expensive racket.

Depending on how often you practice and how talented you are, you may have to switch to a different racket soon. But that’s better than having paid $200 for a racket you will only use for a few months.

What do tennis rackets for kids cost?

Tennis rackets for kids are very affordable. You can get a good branded kids racket for about $20. Prices for junior rackets range from $20 to $109, but most junior rackets cost between $25 and $60.

When a child needs to move on from rackets between 19 and 23 inches to rackets that are 25 inches, the rackets will become more expensive as well. In that case, you will easily pay around $100.

How Much do Tennis Rackets Cost by Brand?

There are so many different brands and types of rackets that it’s hard to choose.

Below you will find an overview of the prices of tennis rackets from the brands Babolat, Wilson, Head, Yonex, Tecnifibre, and Dunlop.

These are the most popular brands for tennis rackets.

This way, you can see how much tennis rackets cost per brand, which models are cheaper, and which are more expensive.

How much does a Wilson tennis racket cost?

Wilson is one of the best-known brands for tennis rackets. Famous players like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Tennys Sandgren play with a Wilson racket, and so can you.

There are different models that all have different sizes and focus on different playing styles. Some rackets provide more control, while others are great for power or spin.

Below you will find the prices of the most popular models of Wilson tennis rackets.

The difference between the minimum and maximum price is quite big with some models. This is due to the different versions of the same model.

These prices are the standard prices of the rackets, but you might find some nice discounts if you look around a bit.

Model:Min price.Max price.
Wilson Blade$179$249
Wilson Pro Staff$219$279
Wilson Clash$249$269
Wilson Ultra$179$229
Wilson Burn$159$159
Wilson junior rackets$29$129

How much does a Babolat tennis racket cost?

Babolat is another brand that is popular for tennis rackets. Professional tennis players like Rafael Nadal, Holger Rune, Dominic Thiem, Botic van de Zandschulp, and Carlos Alcaraz like playing with this brand.

Below you will find an overview of the most popular models Babolat has, along with the minimum and maximum prices.

The difference between the minimum and maximum prices is due to different versions of the same racket.

If you want to buy a certain model, make sure to research which version you would like to buy.

You can also look for discounts, and perhaps some of these rackets will become more affordable over time.

Model:Min price.Max price.
Babolat Pure Aero$219$279
Babolat Pure Drive$195$279
Babolat Pure Strike$169$249
Babolat Boost$99$129
Babolat junior rackets$34$119

How much does a Head tennis racket cost?

Head is the preferred brand of a few big names in tennis, like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. It is the most popular brand for tennis rackets on the ATP tour.

Head sells a lot of different rackets, varying in aspects like head size, string pattern, and weight. Even within one model, there are several versions.

This is why below you will find the minimum and maximum price of the most popular models of Head tennis rackets.

Model:Min price.Max price.
Head Boom$249$259
Head Prestige$239$259
Head Speed$99$249
Head Gravity$219$259
Head Radical$99$259
Head Extreme$159,95$259
Head Instinct$99$189
Head PWR$109$189
Head junior rackets$19,95$119

How much does a Yonex tennis racket cost?

While Yonex is one of the most important brands in Badminton, the brand has some great tennis rackets as well.

Players like Stan Wawrinka, Frances Tiafoe, Nick Kyrgios, Casper Ruud, Hubert Hurkacz, and Naomi Osaka already play with a Yonex racket, so now it’s your turn.

Below you will find the retail prices of the most popular Yonex tennis rackets.

Model:Min price.Max price.
Yonex EZONE$140$245
Yonex VCORE PRO$239$260
Yonex VCORE$140$250
Yonex ASTREL$279$279
Yonex junior rackets$109$109

How much does a Dunlop tennis racket cost?

Dunlop is a brand that is not as well represented in modern professional tennis as some of the other brands in this article.

Still, it certainly is a brand to keep in mind when picking a tennis racket.

Dunlop has several models; the most popular ones are shown below. The prices of different versions of the same model don’t differ a lot, and the junior rackets are very affordable.

Model:Min price.Max price.
Dunlop SX$179,99$229
Dunlop CX$249$249
Dunlop FX$229$229
Dunlop LX$299$299
Dunlop junior rackets$20$25

How much does a Tecnifibre tennis racket cost?

Tecnifibre is the brand of choice for Daniil Medvedev.

If it’s your favorite brand, too, you can look at the table below to find out what your budget needs to be to buy the most popular Tecnifibre models.

Differences in the minimum and maximum price can be explained by different versions of the same models.

Model:Min price.Max price.
Tecnifibre TF40$179,95$239
Tecnifibre TFight$209$229
Tecnifibre TF-X1$209$219
Tecnifibre TRebound$219$219

Prizes can vary at different shops, but the prices mentioned above are average.

If you want to get one of these rackets, these prices give a good idea of what you will end up paying, but you can always try to find discounts.

How Much Does a Pro Tennis Racket Cost?

Tennis rackets used by the pros are not necessarily the most expensive rackets, but they are at the higher end of the budget.

If you want a professional tennis racket, you’re looking at prices between $210 to $299.

In the tables above, you can see some other models of professional tennis rackets with their corresponding prices.

But how cool would it be to play with the same racket as your favorite professional player?

This is often a possibility, and the price of professional tennis rackets ranges from about $210 for Naomi Osaka’s racket to $250 for Serena Williams’ racket.

You can even get the same racket as the top three tennis players of the Open Era.

How much does Federer’s tennis racket cost?

Roger Federer uses the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 racket, which is available for everyone. For $249, you can have the same racket as your hero, but you probably won’t be able to afford the same strings.

This is because Federer spends about $40.000 a year on strings.

The head size of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 is 97 square inches, and the strung weight is 12.6 ounces. The racket is made of braided graphite.

How much does Nadal’s racket cost?

Rafael Nadal at the Olympic Games

Rafael Nadal uses the Babolat AeroPro Drive Original. He has been using this racket since 2004, and the AeroPro Drive rackets are no longer in production.

Therefore it is not possible to get the same racket as him.

If you want a similar racket, you can buy the Babolat Pure Aero for $239.

Rafael Nadal’s racket has a strung weight of 12.1 ounces, making it the lightest of the big three. The head size is 100 square inches, and the material of the racket is graphite.

How much does Djokovic’s tennis racket cost?

Unfortunately, the exact tennis racket Novak Djokovic uses is not for sale. This is the case with many rackets used by professionals, as they often have a customized version of a popular model.

Djokovic’s original tennis racket model, however, is for sale. This racket is very similar to the one he actually uses. This tennis racket is the Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro and costs $249.

Are Expensive Tennis Rackets Worth The Cost?

So many different rackets and models in different price ranges may be a little overwhelming. We tend to believe that more expensive equals better, but this is not always the case.

With tennis rackets, the best choice for you comes down to a few factors.

One of these factors is your experience.

If you are just starting out and don’t really know how to play tennis yet, your focus will mainly be on learning the technique and how to hold a racket.

Therefore, the technical specs of the more expensive rackets won’t improve your game yet. If you are a beginner, expensive rackets usually aren’t worth the cost.

On the other hand, expensive rackets become more tempting if you are a more advanced player.

The focus on power or control might be the slight adjustment that makes a big difference in your game.

When you know how to use a racket and plan to play tennis for a longer period, an expensive racket is usually worth the cost.

Another factor is budget.

You can pick the newest racket with the best specifications if you have a big budget. However, if your budget is smaller, it might not be worth it to invest that much in a tennis racket.

In this case, it’s smart to look at older models from one or two years back. That way, you can still get a good racket that fits your playing style, but it will be a bit less expensive.

The third thing you should keep in mind when deciding how much money you want to spend on a racket is that you will also have to buy strings.

Strings usually have an impact on how you play as well.

You could choose a less expensive racket with better strings, or maybe you want a more expensive frame and cheaper strings.

It all depends on your priorities and what fits you as a player.

Ultimately, you will play with one racket for quite some time. Therefore you should always try out some rackets before buying one. Most tennis shops let you do this.

This way, you can experience if the more expensive option is worth it for you.


I hope this article has given you a good idea of how much tennis rackets cost.

Always do proper research when buying a new racket, and match it to your needs as a tennis player.

As mentioned, there is a huge range of different types of rackets, so there is always one that is a good fit for you.

And while tennis is often seen as an expensive sport, you can make it as expensive as you want.

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