How Long Does A Game Of Laser Tag Last? (Full Time Analysis)

Do you want to play Laser Tag with your friends and family, but you're not sure how long each round will last? Then you've come to the right place.

As you read on, I will explain how long a game of Laser Tag lasts and why. But that's not the only thing we will discuss in this blog.

For example, I explain how much Laser Tag costs on average per minute of play and compare the length of a round to other activities such as paintball and airsoft.

How Long Does a Game of Laser Tag Last?

The length of a round is determined by the owner of the Laser Tag center.

A round of Laser Tag lasts between 12 and 25 minutes on an indoor playing field, with 15 minutes being the average playing time. Laser Tag rounds last between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours when played outdoors. Because outdoor playing fields are often larger with more players, the rounds are longer.

Time Analysis of a Laser Tag Game Round

When you start playing Laser Tag, you can’t start straight away. Laser Tag is divided into three stages. I explain what happens and how long it takes for each phase.

Note: I describe how long Laser Tag takes in an indoor Laser Tag center in this part of the blog.

The first phase (before the game round):

Time estimate: 3 to 8 minutes

At the beginning of the game, the game instructor will ask you for your name. This can be your real name, or you can use a nickname. Your name and the score you achieved will be displayed on the scoreboard.

The game rules are also discussed before you enter the playing arena, which is an important part of this phase.

The game instructor explains the game’s objective and what is and is not permitted (this can sometimes also be seen in a video instruction).

In this phase, you will also get your vest and gun, and the game instructor will explain how they both work. The first phase lasts, depending on the number of players, between 3 and 8 minutes.

Playing phase:

Time estimate: 12 to 25 minutes

The name of this phase already indicates what will happen. You will start playing during this phase. The length of time you can play varies by Laser Tag center.

A round of Laser Tag indoors lasts between 12 and 25 minutes.

End phase (after the round):

Time estimate: 2 to 6 minutes

Everyone is asked to leave the playing arena when the game is finished. The players remove their vests, and everyone’s score is displayed on a scoreboard.

This phase lasts anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes (depending on the number of players).

Total time:

An entire Laser Tag round lasts between 17 and 39 minutes.

The time between Laser Tag rounds

The time it takes between two rounds of Laser Tag ranges from 2 minutes to 39 minutes. You can start over if you immediately play another round and everyone has seen their score after 2 minutes.

You may have to wait up to 39 minutes if you choose to pause a round and then resume playing it.

Time Difference Between Indoor Laser Tag and Outdoor Laser Tag 

We now know that a total round of indoor Laser Tag takes between 17 and 39 minutes with a total playing time of 12 to 25 minutes.

However, there is a significant difference between playing Laser Tag inside and outside.

A Laser Tag game you play outside takes much longer, varying between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours. A complete game, including the start, play, and end phases, lasts between 1 and 4 hours.

Outdoor Laser Tag lasts longer for the following reasons:

The game lasts longer:

When you play outside, the playing field is usually larger, with more players. Crossing paths with an opponent often takes longer with a large playing field.

When a game lasts only 15 minutes, you may encounter very few or even no opponents. More distance must be covered than when playing indoors.

Explanation takes longer:

Playing outside brings new rules. The instructor cannot keep track of everything because the playing field is simply too large.

Therefore, the instructor spends more time explaining the rules. As a result, it is essential that everyone understands and follows the game rules.

Putting on the vests takes longer:

More people have to put on their vests. When there are more players, this could take longer.

The final phase takes longer:

During the final phase, everyone is required to take off their vests. This takes longer because there are more people involved. Besides that, everyone must be given their total score.

The beginning and end phases are longer because there are more people involved. There are more people in an outside game of Laser Tag, and it takes longer for everyone to put on the vest.

The game rules also differ from those of an indoor arena because the outside playing field is often larger.

Why is a Game of Laser Tag 12 to 25 Minutes Long?

There are several reasons why Laser Tag lasts between 12 to 25 minutes:

The stamina of the players:

In the game of Laser Tag, you move around a lot. You are focused while running from point A to point B and climbing stairs. It takes a lot of energy if you continue this for longer than 12 to 25 minutes.

More reservations per day:

On busy days, a large number of people can make reservations. Fewer rounds can be played if a round takes too long.

More revenue:

The more people come to play, the more revenue the Laser Tag center owner makes. The owner benefits from more than just the fact that people play Laser Tag.

They also earn money from selling food and drinks before and after the game. If a round takes too long, there will be fewer people, which means less income.

How Much Does 15 Minutes of Laser Tag Cost?

A round of laser tag costs between $8 and $12.50 per person. If you would like to know more about this, read my article on how expensive Laser Tag is.

How Much Does Laser Tag Cost Per Minute?

There is no simple answer to this question because the cost and duration of play vary. However, assuming an average time of 15 minutes, we find a cost of $0.53 to $0.83 per minute per person.

How Long Does Laser Tag Last Compared With Paintball?

Like Laser Tag, a round of paintball also lasts between 12 and 25 minutes. However, most rounds are 15 minutes.

Paintball is also played on a larger scale with a big group of players on a wide playing field. In this case, the rounds are also longer, ranging from one hour to a day, similar to Laser Tag.

This means that Laser Tag generally lasts as long as paintball. 

How Long Does Laser Tag Last Compared With Airsoft?

Again, the same amount of minutes: an Airsoft game lasts about 15 minutes on average. You can also play Airsoft on a large playing field with a significant number of people.

In this case, a round can last anywhere from one to four hours. This means that Laser Tag lasts as long as Airsoft.


If you want to play Laser Tag, you now know how long a round lasts and why. Also, if you plan on playing multiple rounds, you know how long you have to wait between them.

I can guarantee you that Laser Tag is so much fun that it will feel like time flies by!

John Davis

The first time I was introduced to Laser Tag was at a friend's kids' party. I was immediately sold on the excitement and adrenaline the game gave me. This eventually led me to start my own Laser Tag center and play Laser Tag competitively. Through my articles, I hope to bring more attention to the sport.
August 18, 2022
Published: August 18, 2022