Gael Monfils Racket: What Racket Does He Use?

Gael Monfils is a professional tennis player from France. In his prime, he achieved a startling ranking of 6th in the world.

Gael Monfils is a respected player on the tour, and despite his age, he is still a danger to any top player. To continue to perform well, Monfils needs the best possible equipment.

This raises the question, what racket does Gael Monfils use?

What Racket Does Gael Monfils Use?

Gael Monfils uses the Artengo TR960 Control Tour racket, developed by sporting brand Decathlon.

This is a surprising change, as, in recent years, Monfils had been a loyal user of Wilson equipment.

He recently decided to switch to Decathlon’s in-house tennis brand, Artengo.

The TR960 Control Tour is one of the more advanced rackets in the Artengo quiver. The racket has been designed to be a middle ground between maneuverability and power.

It has a flexible frame to allow for optimal control and a powerful snapback on the ball.

This fits Monfil’s playing style well, as the 6’4 giant often uses his incredible strength for massive power shots.

The Artengo TR960 Control Tour allows him to make these shots with both power and control.

In light of the new collaboration between Gael Monfils and Artengo, a new racket is being developed, a slightly altered version of the above-mentioned Artengo TR960 Control Tour.

This racket will become commercially available as soon as it is finished.

The collaboration with an ATP tour player like Monfils is a massive step in the professional direction for Decathlon’s tennis brand Artengo.

This remarkable decision to switch from the famous tennis brand Wilson to the relatively new and unknown Artengo is a big risk for Monfils, but both parties will benefit massively from it if it pays off.

Gael Monfils Racket Specifications

Below are the original specifications of the Artengo TR960 Control Tour.

It is important to note that while the Artengo TR960 Control Tour is commercially available, pro players such as Gael Monfils are likely to make slight modifications to their equipment, making them slightly different from the factory racket.

Head Size:98 in2 / 630 cm2
Length:27 in / 68.58 cm
Weight:10.5oz / 300g
Balance:12.4 in / 31.5 cm
Stiffness:62 Ra
Beam Width:22mm / 22mm / 22mm
Racquet Colors:Black / Gray / Violet
String Pattern:18 x 20

What String Does Gael Monfils Use?

We have now seen that Gael Monfils uses an Artengo racket, but as any experienced tennis player will tell you, the racket is only part of the equation that tennis equipment makes.

An often overlooked aspect of this is the strings used in the racket. Both the type of strings and the used string tension can profoundly impact racket and player performance.

To complete the picture, let’s look at Gael Monfils’s string preferences.

Tennis stringing machine

Gael Monfils uses the Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power strings, developed by Luxilon.

Unlike his sudden switch in racket, he stuck with his trusty string choice in the form of the strong and durable Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power strings.

As the name suggests, these strings are perfect for a true power player like Monfils.

These strings can pack a punch while allowing a decent amount of control to place power balls anywhere on the court, just like Gael Monfils likes it.

As we know, the strings themselves are only part of the bigger picture; string tension also plays a significant role in performance.

There is little known about Monfils’s exact string tension, but it is rumored to be somewhere in the high 50lbs, or around 25kgs, similar to many ATP players.

Both his old Wilson racket and his new Artengo one use an 18x20 string pattern, perfectly suitable for Gael Monfils’s powerful playing style.

What is Artengo?

As we saw earlier, Gael Monfils made a big decision when he changed his preferred racket from the renowned tennis brand Wilson to the up-and-coming Artengo.

But what exactly is Artengo, and why did a pro player like Monfils make this decision?

Artengo is the in-house tennis brand of the massive sports brand Decathlon. Decathlon is a global company based in France.

They specialize in all forms of sporting activities ranging from tennis to hiking.

Their tennis brand, Artengo, offers rackets to everyone, ranging from beginner tennis players in a cheap price range to professional-grade rackets like the one used by Gael Monfils.

Artengo and Monfils struck a marketing deal to give a spotlight in the tennis world.

Decathlon has a large variety of sporting gear, but they don’t always offer a truly professional level of equipment.

In the form of Artengo, its tennis branch is looking to disprove this stereotype, and what better way to do that than to have an ATP pro use your rackets!

Where to Buy the Artengo TR 960 Tour?

As we have seen several times throughout this article, Artengo is still a relatively new and unknown company in the tennis world.

Their products are, of course, commercially available, but this raises the question, where can you buy the Artengo TR 960 Tour used by Gael Monfils?

As we know, Artengo is Decathlon’s in-house tennis brand; hence their products are available to buy on the Decathlon website.

A simple google search for the Artengo TR960 Tour racket will take you to the buying page for this racket.

This is also where you will find the other rackets in the Artengo series and other tennis equipment produced by Artengo.

Besides their large online presence, Decathlon also has real-life stores worldwide, and most of these will likely sell the Artengo TR960 Tour.

Now that we know where to buy this racket, just one question remains, how much does it cost?

The Artengo TR960 Tour racket will cost $119, or €110.

This is on the cheaper side of the spectrum when it comes to professional-grade tennis rackets, but it is one of the most expensive rackets offered by Artengo.

The price clearly shows Decathlon’s influence, which is a good thing.

It is important to note that Gael Monfils himself likely uses a slightly different version of the Artengo TR960 Tour than the one that is commercially available.

The strings he uses don’t come from Artengo and can be acquired elsewhere for a reasonable price.


We have seen that Gael Monfils has recently made a switch from Wilson to his new Artengo TR 960 Tour developed by Decathlon’s in-house tennis brand, Artengo.

He strings his racket using the Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power strings.

Together, this equipment suits the powerful playing style of the French tennis player, Gael Monfils, very well.

His racket is available to buy at your local Decathlon store or online.

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May 2, 2022
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