Do Tennis Players Pay? (For Travel, Hotels, Rackets & More)

People often think that the life of a tennis player is great and that they all make tons of money. In some cases, this is true, but it is certainly not true for everyone.

If you travel all over the world, as a professional tennis player often does. There are, of course, enormous costs associated with that. But who pays for all that?

Do tennis players pay for travel, tickets, coaches, hotels, rackets, and more? Or is this all paid for them? You’ll find out in this article!

Do Tennis Players Pay For Rackets?

Tennis is, of course, a sport in which an enormous amount of money is involved.

For example, many professional players have sponsorship contracts with major brands within the sport.

In this way, the brands get a lot of publicity and hope to increase their market share.

In exchange for exposure, the players receive products or services from the brands. This can range from cars to watches to tennis shoes.

Many players also have sponsorship deals with tennis racket brands. These deals give them the latest and greatest equipment to perform at the top level.

In most cases, tennis players in the top 500 do not have to pay for their rackets.

Outside the top 500, brands may give certain discounts in exchange for exposure.

Do Tennis Players Pay For Travel?

Professional tennis players participate in tournaments all over the world.

One week they might be playing in Australia, and the following week they could have a tournament in Sweden.

This means that they have to travel to countries all over the world, and quite often as well.

The costs for all of these flights and travel are for the tennis players themselves.

Not only that, they often have to pay for their team to come with them as well, and since most tennis players travel first-class, this can become quite expensive.

It is easier for the top tennis players than it is for the lower-ranked players. The top players often have more money and are thus better able to afford the flights.

Rafael Nadal even bought a private jet which he uses to travel to tournaments. Roger Federer does not have his own plane.

Still, he uses a company that sells fractional private-jet ownership to get from and to tournaments.

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Do Tennis Players Pay to Enter Tournaments?

There are a lot of different tennis tournaments that can all operate differently, but in general, the top professional tennis players do not need to pay entry fees.

Suppose a tournament asks its players to pay in order to enter. In that case, it is usually to help cover the costs of balls, court maintenance, and other expenses a tournament has to operate efficiently.

Big tournaments such as Grand Slams, WTA tournaments, and ATP tournaments don’t need the players’ money.

They get plenty of money from other sources, such as tickets and sponsors.

Professional tennis players do need to pay an annual fee to be allowed to enter ATP and WTA tournaments, but this is a small price compared to what they earn.

This is because of the level and size of the tournaments they enter.

ITF Future Events, as well as other small professional tournaments, are a different story.

These tournaments usually require players to pay for entry simply because they need to cover their costs.

These entry fees can be paid out of pocket, but sometimes players have sponsors who cover these costs for them.

The prices are usually not extremely high, but these sums of money from all of the players can help the tournament a great deal.

The cost is about $40 for single players and $20 for double players.

Some instances are the other way around. Sometimes smaller tournaments pay professional tennis players to get them to participate in their tournament.

This is usually done to put the tournament out there and attract attention from other players and tennis lovers who might buy tickets to see their favorite players in action.

Big names like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic sometimes get paid a pretty large sum of money to show up.

Do Tennis Players Pay Tax on Prize Money?

Paying taxes is something that everyone needs to do; tennis players are no exception to this rule.

However, the tax situation is a bit more complicated for them than it is for us.

We generally make money in just one location, meaning we can follow the taxation rules of our home country, state, or city.

Tennis players, on the other hand, make money all over the world. One week they are playing a tournament in the United States, and the next week they might be all the way in Spain.

Generally, tennis players will be taxed according to the rules of the country they made money in, regardless of their nationality.

So if a tennis player wins money in a tournament in Spain one week, they will be taxed according to Spanish laws.

If they win money a week later in Portugal, they will be taxed according to Portuguese laws.

Do Tennis Players Pay For Hotels?

The short answer is yes; tennis players do have to pay for hotels. If they are going to compete in a tournament far away from home, they will need a place to stay.

However, this is usually not the responsibility of the tournaments they are participating in. Tennis players, therefore, have to cover their own hotel costs.

Exceptions are WTA tournaments, ATP tournaments, and Grand Slams. They provide per diem for free hotel rooms.

If you are in a WTA qualifying event, for example, the costs for two hotel nights will be covered. If you remain in the competition, you get extra nights.

For Grand Slam tournaments, you get a sum of cash to be used for hotels.

However, most players like to arrive a little before the tournament starts.

They also have their team to take care of, so they usually still have to cover some costs themselves.

Do Tennis Players Pay Their Coaches?

Tennis players do have to pay their coaches, and it would be a shame if this weren’t the case. Being a tennis coach is a job, meaning the coaches should get paid.

Coaches help players become the best version of themselves. Without coaches, the tennis players probably would not win as many matches.

The coach works for the tennis player, and they even have to schedule their week around the player’s schedule.

Therefore it is only fair that the tennis players pay their coaches.

There is not a lot of data available on how much tennis coaches make, but it has been said that you probably shouldn’t become a tennis coach if you’re in it for the money.

An indication for coaches of professional players ranked lower than 150 would be around 500 dollars a week.

However, coaches of professional players that are high up the ranking can earn a lot more.

They often get a percentage of the tennis player’s prize money, and there are some bonuses involved, for example, when a player jumps a few rankings.

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Do Tennis Players Pay to Enter Grand Slams?

Grand Slams are massive tournaments that attract a lot of attention.

Thousands of tennis fans pay for their tickets, wanting to see their favorite tennis players play against each other.

There are lots of sponsors involved, and several television networks want to buy the rights to show these matches on their channels.

This means a Grand Slam has several sources of income already, resulting in them earning enough money to cover all of their expenses.

This means tennis players don’t have to pay to enter Grand Slam tournaments.

Do Tennis Players Pay Their Own Accommodation?

While professional tennis players do have to pay for their own hotel rooms, sometimes there are other options as well.

For example, there are other possibilities offered at ITF events where there are no hotel rooms covered.

Players can choose to stay at a stranger’s home for free. While this is not ideal, it can help many tennis players who don’t have a lot of money.

You can earn a lot of money with tennis, but only if you belong to the absolute top.

Therefore, many players cannot afford their own accommodation plus accommodation for their team in a different country each week.

This is why only about 336 men and 251 women break even in professional tennis each year.


So, in short, tennis players have to cover a lot of the expenses themselves.

Being a tennis player is expensive. You have to pay for transport, travel, accommodation, coaches, and other things you must pay for when traveling and wanting to make it big in the tennis world.

On top of that, they often have to pay for their team to come along as well.

This is why many professional tennis players can’t break even; playing tennis is only profitable for the absolute best players.

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November 16, 2021
Published: November 16, 2021