Casper Ruud Tennis Racket: What Racket Does He Use?

Casper Ruud, son of old tennis player Christian Ruud, is already one of the most successful tennis players to come out of Norway, and his career is still short. Of course, a large part of his success is down to his own skill and ability, but another part relies heavily on his choice of equipment.

Are you curious about which racket Casper Ruud uses, and why he chose this racket? Then you are not the only one!

Therefore we will take a look at Casper Ruud's tennis racket!

What Racket Does Casper Ruud Use?

Casper Ruud uses the Yonex DR 100 Plus tennis racket, developed by Japanese tennis brand Yonex. Yonex sponsors Casper Ruud, which, like many other professional tennis players, reflects in his racket choice.

Casper Ruud is a real power player, and his racket perfectly fits that playing style. The relatively long frame allows for a lot of leverage leading to a ton of generated power when striking the ball.

It is a relatively forgiving racket for professional standards.

Its relatively large sweet spot and incredible stability make it the perfect racket for intermediate and advanced tennis players.

Yonex has truly gone out of its way to developing a good grip for the Yonex DR 100 Plus. Due to the Quake Shut Gel technology in the grip, most vibrations are dampened, preventing injuries and increasing comfort.

The racket has been designed with an aerodynamically shaped shaft, which can produce plenty of power due to a lack of air resistance.

All in all, the Yonex DR 100 Plus is a truly stable and powerful racket. Everything has been designed to deliver plenty of power in a controlled way.

This perfectly suits the playing style of a player like Casper Ruud, which explains his particular racket choice.

Casper Ruud Racket Specifications

Below are the original specifications of the Yonex DR 100 Plus.

It is important to note that pro players such as Casper Ruud are likely to make slight modifications to their equipment, making them slightly different from the factory racket.

Head Size:100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Length:27.5in / 70cm
Weight:11.2 oz / 318g
Strung Weight:11.6oz / 330g
Balance:13.3in / 34cm / 3 pts HL
Beam Width:23mm / 26mm / 22mm
Composition:HM Graphite, Nanometric DR, Quake Shut Gel
Racquet Colors:Blue
String Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses

Casper Ruud Racket Strings

We have now looked at Casper Ruud’s personal preferences regarding racket choice, but as any advanced tennis player will know, your racket is only part of the bigger picture of equipment.

Another important part is the player’s strings and string tension.

To complete the full equipment profile of this Norwegian superstar, we will now look at his personal preferences when it comes to stringing his racket!

Tennis racket being strung

When it comes to his string choice Casper Ruud has quite a special one, he uses a hybrid setup of two different string types!

Casper Ruud plays with the Yonex Polytour Strike strings on the mains, and on the crosses, he uses Yonex Polytour Pro strings.

Both strings are developed by the same company as his racket, namely Yonex. Therefore, his strings will work great alongside his racket.

This strange hybrid string setup is said to provide Casper with an unrivaled balance between power and control, which seems to be a recurring theme throughout his setup.

Of course, the string type is only part of the bigger picture, as we have yet to look at Casper Ruud’s preferences regarding string tension.

He uses 1.25mm strings, strung at a tension of 54lbs (24.5kg), on both the mains and the crosses. This setup provides him with stiff strings, perfect for playing the hard power shots he is known for.

As we can see, Casper Ruud’s string setup ties in well with his racket setup. It focuses on obtaining an optimal balance between raw power and optimal control and reliability.

This fits his powerful playing style; therefore, his equipment choice is easy to understand for a player of his caliber.

Where to Buy Casper Ruud’s Racket?

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the entire setup used by Casper Ruud, one question remains:

Where can I buy Casper Ruud’s racket?

Upgrading to a professional-grade setup is the next step for many advanced tennis players, and the setup covered in this article is an excellent option for just that!

Sadly, the Yonex DR 100 Plus racket is no longer commercially available. However, do not worry; there is a great alternative with similar specs and performance.

Developed by the same company, there is the Yonex Ezone 100, a modern and incredibly similar version of the DR 100 Plus racket.

Yonex is a big name for tennis equipment, and you can buy their equipment directly from their website or any other tennis retailer, both online and in their stores.

How much does Casper Ruud’s racket cost?

As we mentioned earlier, the Yonex DR 100 Plus used by Casper Ruud is no longer commercially available.

According to Tennis-Warehouse, its replacement, the Yonex Ezone 100, will set you back around $260 (€250). While this is a lot of money, you will receive the best of the best tennis gear.

Both of the strings used in Casper Ruud’s racket, the Yonex Polytour Strike, and the Yonex Polytour Pro will set you back a maximum of $16 (€15), depending on where you buy them.

When spending money on a racket like this, it is recommended to buy professional strings like these as well; it will give you a great setup.


All in all, Casper Ruud uses the Yonex DR 100 Plus racket strung with a hybrid string setup with Yonex Polytour Pro strings on the crosses and Yonex Polytour Strike strings on the mains.

His entire setup is heavily focused on striking the perfect balance between power and precision, hence his unusual string setup.

The Yonex DR 100 Plus sadly isn’t commercially available, but the Yonex Ezone 100 is the perfect alternative for intermediate to advanced tennis players to upgrade to the next level!

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June 18, 2022
Published: June 18, 2022