Can You Play Laser Tag Outside? (Find Out Now)

When visiting a Laser Tag center, chances are that you’ll play indoors. Inside it’s dark, and the arena accommodates all kinds of obstacles, lights, and often sound effects and smoke machines.

But are there also outside arenas available, and can you even play Laser Tag outside?

You'll find the answer in this blog!

Can You play Laser Tag Outside?

Yes, Laser Tag can be played outside, even in daylight. The gear you are wearing (the weapon and harness) works perfectly fine in the open air.

However, there are many reasons you wouldn’t want to play outside.

One of the most important ones is that it’s not suitable for the gun and harness to get wet and dirty. In addition, you won’t be able to see the laser beams while playing in daylight.

These are an essential part of playing Laser Tag. By seeing the beams, you know if you’re aiming in the right direction.

Continue reading this blog to find out more about this topic, as we will touch upon this more in-depth. I will explain the pros and cons of playing Laser Tag outside and whether you can play in the rain.

More Information About Playing Laser Tag Outside

As you’ve read, it’s possible to play Laser Tag outside. You will notice, however, that there are plenty more indoor arenas available than outdoor ones.

Continue reading below to discover the pros and cons of playing outside.

Pros of outdoors Laser Tag

Although there are more disadvantages than advantages to playing Laser Tag outdoors, there are still a few pros. You’ll find out which ones below.

It’s healthy to be in the open air:

Playing in the open air is healthy as you inhale the fresh air, and you’re also able to enjoy the sunshine. If there is a breeze, you won’t overheat easily.

You’ve got a better overview:

When you play outside during the day, your overview improves quite a lot. It makes you spot your opponents much quicker.

The Laser Tag owner has a better overview:

The owner of the Laser Tag center will also have a better overview. They can see from a distance whether the game is played fair and square.

Cons of playing Laser Tag outdoors

Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros. Which ones you will read below.

The gear can get wet and dirty:

The main reason why Laser Tag is played indoors is that it prevents the gun and harness from getting wet. If this is the case, the equipment could get damaged.

Outside there is also a chance of the equipment getting stained. If sand gets stuck in the weapon, it will be prone to breaking and need more maintenance.

You can’t always play:

You won’t be able to play outside if it’s pouring rain. The weapon and harness would simply get too wet.

You don’t see the laser beams:

An important component of the game is that you have to be able to see the laser beam. Not only does it look cool, but it also helps you play.

When you aim at an opponent but miss, you can use the laser beam as an indicator. It allows you to calculate how far off you were.

Adjusting your aim for the next shot might grant you a win!

It’s less thrilling:

Playing in the dark is much more exciting than in daylight. Atmospheric lighting, sound effects, and other special effects will fully come to their rights in the darkness.

You’ll also be able to sneak from point A to B without your opponent noticing you immediately. Be cautious, however, as the same thing may happen to you.

You have too much overview:

Having too much overview can also be seen as a disadvantage. It’s less fun if you constantly bump into an opponent.

This doesn’t happen that much in the dark, keeping the gameplay exciting.

It can get quite warm:

Although playing outside is good for your health, it can also get too hot.

If you’re constantly running around on a warm day with the sun shining on your face, you’ll notice that it can become quite a struggle.

Do Laser Tag Guns Work Outside?

Many people wonder if the laser tag guns work outside. The answer is yes.

People are confused about this since they can’t see the laser beams during the day. But the fact is that daylight prevents you from seeing the beams simply because daylight is brighter than the beams.

Did you know the beams are not real laser beams, but infrared rays? Infrared rays are used as they are not harmful.

(Click here if you would like to read more about this and whether Laser Tag is painful)

Can You Play Laser Tag in Daylight?

You can play Laser Tag during the day. Daylight does bring more cons than pros, however. The biggest disadvantage is that daylight prevents you from seeing the laser beams.

You can use laser beams as indicators. By looking at the beams, you can tell if you are aiming closely at the sensors on the harness of your opponent.

This allows you to adjust your aim and gives you another chance to shoot your target.

Does Laser Tag Have to be Played in The Dark?

No, Laser Tag does not have to be played in the dark. However, most of the time, this is the case.

This is simply because a dark environment comes with more advantages. The biggest advantage is that you can easily sneak from point A to B without being spotted as easily.

Can You Play Laser Tag in The Rain?

It’s possible to play Laser Tag in the rain. However, it might not be the smartest thing to do, and whether you’ll enjoy it is also questionable.

Both the gun and harness contain sensors that work on electricity. In order to charge these devices, a small battery is located within them.

The pistol and harness are water-resistant. However, the equipment is never 100% waterproof. There is always a chance for the water to somehow leak into the device.

If that happens, the sensors may get wet, resulting in the equipment getting damaged or broken.


You now know that Laser Tag can be played outside. You also know that it is not as common as playing indoors.

The cons outweigh the pros and give enough reason to understand why Laser Tag is mainly played indoors.

However, one thing is for sure: whether you decide to play indoors or outdoors, you’ll always enjoy a game of Laser Tag.

John Davis

June 11, 2022
Published: June 11, 2022