Is It Possible To Cheat At Laser Tag? (Find Out Now)

Cheating occurs in many different sports and activities. It ruins the game for another and can cause a lot of frustration for the opponent. Cheating is therefore forbidden in any sport or activity for a reason.

But what about Laser Tag? Can you cheat in Laser Tag?

This blog will provide a detailed answer to this question.

Can You Cheat in Laser Tag?

It is possible to cheat in Laser Tag, and there are several ways to do it. Most of these options are applied easily, whereas others require more effort.

So, how to cheat at Laser Tag?

  • Cover the registration sensors on the vest:
    You can put your free hand on one of the registration sensors so the opponent cannot hit it. These sensors sit on your chest, back and shoulders.
  • Cover your own laser beam:
    You don't shoot actual laser beams when playing Laser Tag, but infrared rays, rather. The infrared rays can pass through your hand so that you can always hit the opponent. When your hand is in front of the weapon, the opponent does not see the beam, so that you will be less noticeable.
  • Restart your vest:
    When you restart your vest, the points someone else has earned by hitting you will be erased. The points you have scored will remain as they are stored in the vest(s) of the opponent(s). However, this is not possible with all vests and is often difficult to perform.
  • Lie down:
    When playing in a Laser Tag center, this is (almost) never allowed. Lying down prevents people from hitting your chest sensor and makes them less likely to spot you.

You now know how to cheat at Laser Tag. You will learn a lot more about this topic as you read on.

For example, I explain whether it is allowed to cheat, what happens if you are caught cheating and why you should not cheat.

Is it Allowed to Cheat at Laser Tag?

No, it is not allowed to cheat at Laser Tag. In Laser Tag centers, the game's rules are discussed in advance. These rules always explain what is and is not allowed.

The reason you should not cheat is simply that it’s unfair. Cheating makes winning easier, and it's super frustrating for the opponents.

If you decide to cheat, be aware that you may ruin the game for others.

If you play Laser Tag at home, you can determine the rules yourself. For example, if you agree that it is allowed to lie down and cover the sensors with one hand, this can be seen as a game rule instead of cheating.

Is it Difficult to Cheat at Laser Tag?

Cheating at Laser Tag is not hard. For example, you can easily hold the weapon with one hand and shield one of the sensors with your other hand.

Holding your hand in front of the weapon so that the beams are not visible isn't difficult either.

Having said that, the chance that the game host will notice this is also very likely. Therefore, the risk that you will be removed from the game is very high.

Resetting the vest is a lot more difficult to achieve. If you manage to do this without being noticed, the chance you will win the game is much higher.

However, you must still have scored enough points yourself.

Lying down while playing is also very easy. You can shoot your opponents much easier if you are lying down and are less in sight and at risk of being hit.

However, the chance that the game host will notice you is very high.

What Happens if You Get Caught Cheating at Laser Tag?

Before the start of the game, it is always explained how the game will proceed. It will also cover the exact rules of the game and what is and is not allowed.

While playing in a Laser Tag center, you are constantly monitored. On indoor playing fields, this is often done using CCTV images.

The game host views the images on different screens in a separate room.

If you are caught cheating, you will first receive a warning in most cases. If you continue cheating, the game host can remove you from the game or even remotely disable your suit so that you cannot continue playing.

If your opponents catch you cheating, several scenarios can arise.

In most cases, they will report you to the game host, but it can also happen that they are cheating themselves or that there is an argument. Of course, nobody wants the latter.

Is Cheating at Laser Tag Fun?

Winning is fun, but winning by means of cheating is much less. However, there are mixed opinions on whether cheating is fun or not.

One may be so eager to win that they cheat and actually get satisfaction from it. Another may cheat and win but then regrets that they cheated to win.

As a result, the satisfaction of winning disappears completely.

How to Legally Cheat at Laser Tag?

You now know what is not allowed and what is considered cheating. However, there are some clever tricks (which you might think of as cheating, but they actually aren't).

Below you will find some tips:

Wear dark clothing:

By wearing dark clothing, you are less likely to be noticed by the opponent.

Press up against your teammates:

You are allowed to lean in against your fellow players. This allows you to shield the sensors on the vest of your fellow players with your own body.

Know how to move around:

Rotate your body a quarter turn and move from A to B. Move from A to B by doing a side step. If the opponent is in front or behind you, they can now only hit the sensors on the shoulders.

Of course, don't do this if the opponent is on your left or right because you will still walk into the opponent with the front and rear sensors exposed.

Don’t save your bullets:

In Laser Tag, you can shoot as many times as you want - after all, the number of bullets is infinite. You have a better chance of hitting the opponent by shooting a lot, so make good use of it.

Be quick:

Run from A to B as fast as possible because the faster you are, the less likely you will be hit.

Take advantage of height differences:

Try to find a position more elevated than your opponent. You can hit someone more easily from above than below, and you are less of an easy target yourself.

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Why You Should Not Cheat at Laser Tag

The main reason you don't want to cheat with Laser Tag is that it shows that you lack skills and need illegal tools to win the game.

In addition, it is very frustrating for the opponent if you cheat, as they’ll have a smaller chance of winning. By cheating, you also ruin someone else's game.

Finally, it's no fun at all to cheat.

Trust me; there's little satisfaction in winning by cheating. It doesn’t make you a big winner; it just makes you a big loser.


You now know that there are several ways to cheat at Laser Tag. It is not difficult to do, and the chances of winning are significantly increased as a result.

However, I hope you won't be cheating.

Remember that you will ruin the opponent's game and can be removed from the game. One thing is for sure: if you win without cheating, you will gain much more satisfaction.

John Davis

July 20, 2022
Published: July 20, 2022