Andrey Rublev Racket: What Tennis Racket Does He Use?

Russian superstar Andrey Rublev has really made a name for himself in professional tennis. He has climbed to the top segment of the ATP rankings using his incredible skill and athleticism.

But is it just his skill that got him there? Of course, it has played a huge role, but no tennis player is complete without his trusty racket. Therefore, we will take a look at Andrey Rublev’s specific preferences when it comes to his racket of choice.

So, what racket does Andrey Rublev use?

What Racket Does Andrey Rublev Use?

Andrey Rublev uses the Head Gravity Pro racket, developed by tennis brand Head.

Head is a massive company in the sport of tennis, and their Gravity Pro racket is one of the higher-end pieces of equipment they have to offer.

This racket can be summarized in a single word, power. Its unusual 18x20 string pattern makes for a rock-solid experience with plenty of power.

The frame has been developed using specific Graphene 360+ technology; it provides incredible power paired with more than enough comfort to play a full match.

Head has not only taken power into consideration when developing the Gravity Pro, though. The frame has been rounded more than other rackets to increase the racket’s spin potential.

This racket offers a high amount of control, which in turn inspires confidence in the player himself, as is evident in Andrey Rublev’s playing style and, of course, in his impeccable results.

This racket truly is the pinnacle of tennis technology. It is a great upgrade option for the advanced and experienced tennis players among us.

It is important to note that while Andrey Rublev uses the Head Gravity Pro racket as a baseline, he likely modified quite a few things to fit his professional preference.

The characteristics of the racket will remain the same, but Andrey Rublev likely does not use the commercially available version of this racket, as is the case with many other ATP tour professionals.

Andrey Rublev Racket Specifications

Below are the original specifications of the Head Gravity Pro.

It is important to note that while the Head Gravity Pro is commercially available, pro players such as Andrey Rublev are likely to make slight modifications to their equipment, making them slightly different from the factory racket.

Head Size:100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Length:27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight:11.7oz / 332g
Balance:12.75in / 32.39cm / 6 pts HL
Beam Width:20mm / 20mm / 20mm
Composition:Graphene 360+/Graphite
Power Level:Low
Stroke Style:Full
Swing Speed:Fast
Racket Colors:Black/Yellow/Purple
Grip Type:Head Hydrosorb Pro
String Pattern:18 Mains / 20 Crosses
Mains skip: 8T,10T,8H,10H
Two Pieces
No Shared Holes
String Tension:48-57 pounds / 21-26 kg

What Strings Does Andrey Rublev Use?

We have now looked into Andrey Rublev’s preferences regarding his racket, but as any experienced tennis player will tell you, the racket itself doesn’t paint the whole picture just yet.

A massive part of the performance of your tennis equipment comes from the strings you use within your racket, along with string tension.

That is why we will now look at the choices Rublev made regarding his strings.

Tennis stringing machine

Andrey Rublev strings his racket using the Head Lynx Tour strings, developed by the same company as his racket, Head.

These strings are a perfect complementary piece for the Head Gravity Pro racket, as they promote the use of power in the form of controlled strokes.

The strings also increase the spin potential of the racket even further, allowing you to truly hit every shot you’d like using this combination of strings and racket.

Another strong point for these strings is their great tension maintenance, meaning they stay at the same tension for longer, sustaining a higher performance level.

Now all that is left is to look at the nitty-gritty details of tennis strings, the string pattern, and string tension.

As mentioned earlier, Andrey Rublev uses a slightly unorthodox string pattern of 18x20. This provides him with extra control for his powerful strokes.

He strings his racket at 57lbs (26kg). This is a common string tension as it aids him in both power and spin while allowing him to play comfortably in a longer match.

Andrey Rublev also plays with a dampener on his racket for this same reason.

Where to Buy Andrey Rublev’s Racket?

Now that we have looked at the specific setup used by Andrey Rublev in his professional tennis career, it is time to answer the final question.

Can we buy Andrey Rublev’s racket for ourselves?

Since Head is one of the biggest names in tennis, it won’t be too much of a challenge to find a store that sells their rackets.

The obvious place to start would be the official Head website, as you can order the Head Gravity Pro model directly from here.

Any online tennis retailer, such as Tennis-Warehouse, will also sell the Head Gravity Pro racket. You can also buy the Gravity Pro at your local tennis store.

Since the Gravity Pro is a professional-grade tennis racket, it might be a little harder to find in physical stores, since the market for professional rackets is relatively small compared to that of intermediate and beginner rackets.

How much does Andrey Rublev’s racket cost?

According to Tennis-Warehouse, the Head Gravity Pro costs $259 (€248). This may seem like a lot, but you get what you pay for with this racket.

Suppose you are willing to spend money on upgrading your racket to a professional level. In that case, the Head Gravity Pro is the way to go.

The Head Lynx Tour strings will cost $10 (€9).

This price is negligible compared to the racket, and it is highly recommended to go the extra mile to get high-quality strings for your racket.


All in all, Andrey Rublev uses the Head Gravity Pro racket strung using the Head Lynx Tour strings at a tension of 57lbs.

The entire setup will cost you $269, or €257. It’s well worth the money for those looking to upgrade their racket to the next level.

The setup is heavily focused on power and control, making the Gravity Pro a very stable and durable racket to play with, as can be seen in Rublev’s playing style.

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July 14, 2022
Published: July 14, 2022